10 Fun “Must Do” Summer Activities to Enhance Your Life and Health: Because Summer isn't over yet!

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Summer isn’t over yet and most of us still want to fit as much as we can in before summer’s over. This is a To Do List to make sure we get the most out of the last of the summer!


humming bird Feeder


1)Buy/ Build a Humming Bird Feeder or Bird Feeder:

Unfortunately, Humming Birds are threatened with extinction! (http://www.hummingbirdsociety.org/endangered/) We can do something about it by getting or building a hummingbird feeder. I went to my local hardware store and got one for $5. Plus, it is super easy to make the solution to feed the hummingbirds; all it is is sugar and water! You can make it yourself using a 1 to 4 ratio. For information on how easy it is to make the humming bird food, and how to select and clean your feeder check out this link: http://www.wildbirdshop.com/Birding/humfeed.html

This is something that is so easy to do and will make a difference to help the planet! Its not to late in the season to get one now!


Pick Your Own Produce


2)Go to a Local “You Pick” Farm and pick your own local produce:

There are a lot of farms that are open to the public for people to come and pick their own fruits and vegetables. Growing up I remember going blueberry picking every year at the end of the summer and baking all sorts of yummy treats with my mom. Look up whats in season and take advantage of the fresh raspberries, apples and other fresh fruits and veggies that are in season and ready to be picked! For information on where to find local farms in your area that offer this check out this website: http://www.pickyourown.org




3) Go to an event that you wouldn't normally go to that is in your community and helps an issue you believe in:

It may be a little wordy, but its incredibly important. There is ALOT going on in the world right now and many of us feel we are too busy to deal with the important issues surrounding our planet. I challenge you to pick one important topic that you are interested in and believe in: Whether its raw food, community gardening/ urban agriculture, helping the environment, raising minimum wage, helping our education system, political issues, etc, the list is endless. Pick one topic that grips you and reach out to the community that is doing something about it and go to one event that supports it. You may surprise yourself with how much you can do by plugging into a group to impact the planet!


Tree House DYI


4) Do I DIY Project:   

Have any projects that you have been meaning to do around the house? Need ideas? Pinterest has an endless amount of suggestions for projects and crafts you can do to make your home more sustainable, make something practical, or even something whimsical as an art project. I challenge you to really pick one thing that  is new and fun and gets the creative part of your brain moving in a way that it hasn't for a while.




5) Have a Picnic:

Find a nice place outside in nature and grab and blanket and a friend and do an old fashioned summer activity!




6) Go Do an Outside Activity that is New to You:

You may not have to travel far to go outside and do something new: try some flow arts like hooping and poi; or bike, do an outside sport; or even try meditating in nature


Farmers Market


7) Go to a Farmer’s Market:

It is So important for us to support local farmer’s markets!!! If we don’t go there regularly and support our local communities then farmer’s markets wont be able to survive. I have seen several farmer’s markets come up in my area and die out due to lack of interest. Make a point to do some of your shopping at the local farmer’s market and make a point to visit more than one in your area! In fact, if you want to take on a bonus challenge you should try challenging yourself to visit every farmers market in your area at least once this season to check them all out and support local business!


green smoothie


8) Try to add One Extra Green Smoothie to your diet each day:

If you aren't already doing this, then you seriously need to! Challenge yourself to add one extra green smoothie each day. Already drinking a lot of green smoothies? Take this challenge to the next level and incorporate the next step of your Raw Food Diet into your life style, by adding one extra raw meal, challenging yourself to snack healthier, or add on a new raw superfood and incorporate it into your diet.




9) Try to Meditate for a few minutes Everyday:

Meditation is a great mindful practice that expands awareness and uplifts mood. There are so many health and spiritual benefits from the mindful practice of mediation. Try incorporating meditation into your daily life and challenge yourself with just 10 minutes everyday.




10) Do some rebounding!

Rebounding is an exercise that circulates your entire lymphatic system and is basically jumping on a trampoline! For more information on how to and the health benefits of rebounding click here: http://www.naturalnews.com/rebounding.html






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