10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Kiwi Daily

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Kiwi fruit is exotic in both taste and color. The flavor and fragrance of this fruit are both very inviting and refreshing. There are many reasons to get attracted to this wonderful creation of nature and those topping the chart are its health benefits. This sweet and sour fruit can work as the power house of vitamins and minerals with its rich properties. It is a wonder in itself and here are the reasons why you may include this fruit in your daily diet.

1. Say no to stress!

All fruits are good for health as they are protective foods. Kiwi is even better as it works for both, physical and mental health of the consumer. It keeps your mind and body fresh with high serotonin levels. Higher serotonin levels are known for uplifting mood and relieving stress. It will also positively affect the memory by making your brain alert and body active.

2. Super rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays vital role in human body and is responsible for regulating the immunity power as well. Regular intake of vitamin C would also slow down the ageing and promote iron absorption. It purifies the blood, increases the oxygen level in the blood vessels with better blood circulation. Kiwi contains double the vitamin C of orange and consuming two medium sized kiwis would amount to 230% of the daily recommended vitamin C.

3.Bright eye sigh to stay with you forever

Old age and weak eye sight are quite common as macular degeneration takes place with ageing. The study carried out on 110,000 subjects have revealed that macular degeneration is decreased by 36% on regular consumption of 3 or more servings of fruit daily. Kiwi is rich in zeaxanthin and lutein that are naturally found in human eye. This is the reason why kiwi consumption keeps your eye sight healthy for the life time.

4. Detoxification

Kiwi is fiber rich and is full of anti-oxidants that also aid detoxification. Regular intake of kiwi would remove the toxins from the body via intestinal tract. The pollution in your surroundings would no more affect your health adversely as this juicy green fruit is there at your service.

5. De-stress yourself with every breath

Breathing is an ongoing process for the lifetime, so think what will happen if it gets stressful. As per the study made by American Lung Association, an adult may take around 20,000 breaths per day. The respiratory system is continuously working but sometimes external pollutants and infections would hinder the process of breathing, which would eventually come out as wheezing. Another study has brought forward the benefits of kiwi fruit in reducing wheezing. Those kids who consumed about seven servings of kiwi fruit per week had shown noticeable reduction in wheezing. It will make breathing easy.

6. Balanced bodies

“Balanced body” is the body that has balanced acid and alkaline levels. The acids in the body are generated from the food consumed. More oily and spicy food would bring with it lots of acids that would affect the organ systems. The acids in the body can be neutralized by increasing the alkaline levels. Kiwi is highly alkaline and would balance the acid levels in the body. With proper alkaline-acid balance, one can get balanced body that may result into reduced ageing, glowing skin, and protection against osteoporosis, arthritis, and common cold.

7. Fights blood pressure

Onset of blood pressure takes place at very young age now. Constant high blood pressure may invite heart problems too. Main reason for blood pressure is heightened sodium levels in body. Potassium in kiwi fights the effects of sodium in the blood. This will eventually regulate the blood pressure.

8. Perfect snacking for diabetics

Diabetics feel the frequent need of snacking and they are always in the search of healthy food option.

Kiwi fruit is the perfect snacking option for diabetics as it has low glycemic index. Consumption of kiwi would not raise the blood sugar level much as its glycemic load is 4.

9. Brings down the heart risks

Kiwi has shown promising results in heart problems. The triglycerides are reduced by 15% on consuming 2 to 3 kiwis daily. A study revealed that it also reduced the blood clotting by 18% and is as effective as taking an aspirin but without any potential side-effects. The blood thinning medicines may bring with it side-effects like intestinal bleeding and inflammation. Have more kiwis and keep your heart healthy while keeping all ill-effects of aspirin at bay.

10. It is tasty!

Lastly the main reason for having kiwi – It’s TASTY. Yes, it is super tasty and you can add it to salads, deserts, and juices to get that punch in your food. The freshness is experienced just by smelling this health packed fruit.

Make your meals healthy and fun by using more of kiwis clubbed with your other favorites as this humble fruit goes well with most of the foods.

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