9 Superfood Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

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While most of us have experienced the refreshment and deliciousness that is watermelon fruit, the seeds are not typically something we give much thought to, let alone value as a source of nutrition. In fact, finding a watermelon with actual seeds these days is becoming more and more rare, as farmers hybridize them to meet a consumer demand for something ultra sweet and seedless.

However, before you seek out seedless watermelon, or spit out another seed, consider these 9 little known superfood benefits (plus a bonus at the end of how to get the benefits in the most delicious way possible...)

1. Essential Amino Acids - watermelon seeds contain essential amino acids such as tryptophan, arginine, lysine, and glutamic acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and aid in tissue repair, muscle strength, balanced metabolism, and immunity.

2. The Good Fats - the fats within watermelon seeds are both monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats. These heart-healthy fats are recommended by the American Heart Association for protecting against heart attack, stroke, and lowering bad cholesterol levels within the blood.

3. Magnesium - just 100 grams of watermelon seeds offer the body 139% of the RDA for this critical mineral. Magnesium is vital for optimal heart function, helps relax the muscles and prevent cramping, improves digestion and elimination, helps strengthen bones, and helps lower high blood pressure.

4. Iron - another critical mineral, iron helps our cells stay oxygenated and helps prevent anemia, and just 1 handful of watermelon seeds contain .29 mg of iron. While it seems like a minute amount, we don't need much - in fact the FDA recommends adults get only 18 mg total per day.

5. Zinc  - pumpkin seeds step aside - there's a new zinc-loaded superfood in town. Zinc is perhaps most well known for having a very positive impact on our immune system. It is also critical for DNA synthesis, cell division, and cellular repair, and it is found in good amounts within watermelon seeds

6. Lycopene - and you thought tomatoes were the only source?! Watermelon seeds contain high amounts of antioxidant lycopene which helps fight free radical damage and has an anti-aging effect. It is especially beneficial for the skin during sun exposure to prevent UV damage. Lycopene also helps improve male fertility.

7. B Vitamins - niacin, folate, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid are all be found within watermelon seeds. B vitamins help replenish and nourish our nervous system, boost our immunity, and help build healthy, vital blood cells. Folate in particular is crucial for pregnant women to prevent certain birth defects.

8. Kidney Health - watermelon seeds have been shown to be a wonderful aid in the treatment and prevention of kidney disease and urinary tract infections. Watermelon seeds act as a diuretic, helping to flush the kidneys and urinary tract of toxins and buildup. In order to unleash these healing powers, the seeds must be roasted, steeped into a tea, or ground. Speaking of which....

9. Pure Yumminess - you'll be amazed at what happens when peeled watermelon seeds are stone ground at low temperatures into a silky smooth seed butter. Dastony has harnessed the nutrition of watermelon seeds and created an innovative spread that can be used just as you would any other seed or nut butter. The taste is creamy with hints of sweet cashew and earthy sesame. WSB&J anyone? A great superfood alternative to nut butters, and very allergy-friendly.

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Written by Anna Speaks - Resident Blogger and Social Media Manager at Windy City Organics and RawGuru


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