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Friday, 24 April 2009
Bryan Au

Question #1: What are some rawfood staples in your current diet?

Lots of: Avocados, Olives, tons of sprouts I like Sunflower Sprouts and talk about it in the book, sprouts and the above raw staples is what will help Raw Foodists gain weight and muscle, a lot of people ask me how to do that. I also read Stephen Arlin's Raw Power a great book that covers the weight lifting and RAW topic.

Gabriel Cousens also talks about how Sprouts are the #1 Raw Food item to eat and he is right, they are completely living, helps to form muscles and is great with digestion. It is super easy to just eat them whole or put your favorite dressing on top and you have an instant Sprout Salad. My whole book and lifestyle is about making Raw Living Cuisine and food practical, easy, simple, fast and fun. In that way people will stick with it, enjoy it more and new people can get into it too. I have heard too many people tell me it takes too long, is not possible given their schedule and limited time and so on, but after my book comes out: RAW IN TEN MINUTES there will be no more excuses, just enjoyment, fun and amazing RAW Bliss! My mission is to make Raw mainstream and to have much more access and awareness in the public, heck if Atkins can do it....I know I can and it will actually help people!

B) Are you 100% raw?

I was 100% Raw for over 2 years, now I am in San Francisco where it can be very Very COLD! So I do sneak in some warmed up soup or some steamed foods, but I am currently 90% Raw and 10% Cooked but ALL organic! Also Gabriel Cousens M.D. states that for most people 80% Raw and 20% Cooked Organic is the MOST optimal diet. The thing I want to also dispel is the myths and fantasies, I tell people look no one is completely 100% anything, it just is not possible, NO ONE is totally 100% Raw or 100% Cooked, we are all a mix and combination, I have met people who said they were 100% Raw but I saw them eating cooked Thai Food and other things, and it is ok just make sure it is organic, I think a lot of people think it is mythical and legendary to be 100% Raw and I think it is awesome but it is not totally necessary, I think it is more important to have it be beneficial and good for you and in a good fun way, also I tell people that they will naturally transition into what percentage they feel is good and right for them, many will want to try to be 100% Raw Organic while others like myself will naturally transition and go that way. The really important part is to do the research first! Too many people just eat anything that says "raw organic" on it and have no idea what they are doing and this can be dangerous, because they will just assume that since it is raw and organic that it is automatically good for them and this just is not true. I cover this in RAW IN TEN MINUTES and it is a very important fact, we all have different body types, different needs and activities on top of that we also have to make sure that our glycemic/sugar/candida/fungus levels are kept very low in our diet for the most optimum levels of health that means not eating too much dates, honey, high sugar fruits, I use Agave which is much lower in the glycemic index and I have other techniques that are all integrated into my recipes so they are not only the easiest, fastest and best tasting recipes but are also the most balanced, beneficial and well researched too! My recipes are naturally designed to increase oxygen levels, alkalize and balance your Ph levels, increase water since none of the recipes are dehydrated, will naturally anti-age you because of my selection of ingredients and combinations, and are all low glycemic and sugar so even my Diabetic Clients can all enjoy my recipes. I do use some high glycemic fruits in some recipes but in very small amounts. My recipes are the best and are not random raw organic foods a lot of research has gone into them while other raw food has too much dates, honey, sugar, nama soyu which I also DO NOT USE, Gabriel Cousens M.D. has found that nama soyu and soy sauce causes an increase in mycotoxins and candida/fungus but Miso does not and is a living beneficial food, so I have lovingly integrated Miso into my recipes and so it has no namasoyu or soy sauce at all. I am literally take Raw to the next step on many levels! I can write forever but a lot of info is in the book! Also I enjoyed it much more when I was 100% Raw for many reasons, for me it is easier to be 100% Raw when I am in LA or Hawaii because it is much warmer there.

C) How did you start?

My story is different than most, I started in Paradise Island in the Bahamas, my full story and bio is in RAW IN TEN MINUTES and it is a very interesting one! Basically I got into RAW because I was a vegetarian chef and found this totally new gourmet interesting world with decadent flavors, colors, new food items and I loved it! I was into it for all the flavor and benefits at first but soon discovered the life transforming nature and healing properties of the Raw Organic Cuisine. I had no idea but I was about to embark on the most fantastic healing journey of discovery. I would find out how the Raw Organic Cuisine is literally saving the World and people's health, then I would get clients that would thank me for helping them heal their cancer, breast cancer, making food and desserts for Diabetics that they can safely enjoy because I use Agave or Liquid Stevia, and I have learned so much about the healing aspects of Raw. Now it is my total mission in life to share all the benefits with the public, there is so much needless suffering and dis-ease right now and I cover that in the book too. Things like Acrylamide, cancer, diabetes, pollution, and many other disease can literally be prevented, treated or possibly cured on a Raw Organic Diet! There are so many personal testimonials and stories I can write another book just on those. I do try to include some good website links in the book so people can educate themselves and learn just like I did in the beginning. I litreally see the Raw Organic Movement as the next step in the culinary world, next evolutionary step for man and that it literally can save the world and everyone's health on many levels, even if people just chose to eat more Raw and Organic and were not 100% it would make such a huge difference. Now with my new book RAW IN TEN MINUTES it makes it more practical, accessible, fun, easy and so more people can get into it, promote it and best of all enjoy it!

Question #2: How did you become a raw food chef? Who trained you?

I trained with the best and many famous as well as infamous raw chefs, there are some people that I do not want to mention because I cannot promote them or their unbalanced foods, so I would have to mainly say that Gabriel Cousens M.D. taught me a lot and I actually worked for him in Patagonia at his Tree Of Life Rejuvenation Center for 1 month before going to Los Angeles for another 5 months to promote his book and get him into major media. I have learned from the best and mostly did my own research and had my own Raw Organic Catering and Home food delivery business. Like anything else the more you do it, the better you get at it and the more innovations you will come up with. I am also friends with Roxanne who I really admire and look up to. A lot of Raw Restaurants in San Francisco are my friends and support me too like Cafe Gratitude, Alive! Restaurant, also David Wolfe was a huge influence for me in the beginning his lectures and books are amazing.

Question #3: What is your new book about? Why Raw in 10 mins?

My new book RAW IN TEN MINUTES is about making the best most amazing cuisine on the planet easier, practical, fun so that it is mainstream and "normal". It is designed for the total beginner with no kitchen skills to the advanced Raw Foodists that want new exciting recipes, food items and totally innovative new techniques. On top of all of that I have totally revolutionized the way Raw Food is designed and formulated because I only use Agave and Miso instead of say dates, honey, or nama soyu, I follow Gabriel Cousens M.D.'s medical, scientific and spiritual advice but in the most delicious, easy and best way possible so everyone can enjoy it. Most other raw foods is totally random, too sweet, too salty, unbalanced, etc. I actually also designed the recipes to be totally cost efficient, for people on the spiritual path since there are no onions or garlic but other substitutes like ginger, purple cabbage, rutabaga, I am telling you that this book and these recipes are "super foods" and a new "high vibrational cuisine!" I have literally brought the Raw Organic Living Foods Cuisine to the next level on many and all levels, no one else has these innovations, balanced techniques and recipes I looked!

Question #4: How do you come up with a recipe?

Well it was when I was doing my Raw Catering business, each week I had to keep it interesting and innovative to keep all my clients happy, I had SUPER clients too like Dixie May the head of the San Francisco Vegetarian Society, Dr.Laura Lyons a super Raw Food activist and is a Ann Wigmore Institute Board Member! She was so enthusiastic and supportive and proud to be eating my food, I was like so honored and proud to be serving her so there was a lot of mutual respect and reverence for my clients and they for me! I also had many clients that had special needs, like diabetics, cancer and breast cancer clients and others, I would design special healing menus and food just for them and they were so thankful. I was more than happy to help everyone. But the #1 WAY and secret to coming up with totally new Raw Recipes is to be 100% Raw! They then just pop into your head! There is NO WAY you can just sit there and think of new recipes. That is my secret. Sometimes people also ask me to come up with something and I am able to do it, sort of my talent I suppose.

Question #5: Can you share a favorite raw food recipe?

My RAW Macaroni & Cheese is very popular and easy, people love it because it is a new Raw Comfort food, all of my recipes are designed to look and taste just like all of your favorite "cooked""deep fried""baked" comfort and junk foods and that is also another innovation, this will allow new people to get into it and advanced people will love the new creations as well. I am really trying to make Raw Organic Cuisine way more mainstream and with mass appeal, with RAW IN TEN MINUTES I really think this will happen. Can you put the recipe I gave you? I am at the office and do not have the exact recipe in front of me, or you gotta get the book! Even though my food looks and tastes like the cooked Junk and Comfort foods they are actually "Super Foods" and the more you eat them the more benefits you get, more heatlh, more anti-aging, more energy so this is incredible, you can eat a lot of my RAWeos and the ingredients in them are living and alive with super nutrients and health benefits so you can eat a lot of my food and get healthier! Most foods out there right now are the exact opposite. You will also be saving the planet, your health, the environment and hopefully you will teach others too and share all the health and wealth, that is the intent of my book!

Question #6: What are some quick tips or hints for raw newbies?

Some quick hints, would be well READ all you can, do the research, NEVER take someone's word for something. Also READ all of Gabriel Cousens M.D.'s books then you will know so much, Conscious Eating and The Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine changed my life and it will improve yours too, must reads! Also I would just say keep it simple and fun. be balanced, go to farmer's markets to shop and learn from experts that actually live this way. That is the best advice I can think of.

Question #7: Do you have any dental problems on the raw diet? Can you explain why a lot of people on the raw diet have cavities or sensitive teeth and gums?

I do not have dental problems on the Raw Diet, I eat a balanced one, although this can happen because some people eat too many fruits, juice too much and may be unbalanced. I had way more dental problems when I ate cooked foods or when I used to drink sodas, I am so upset that there are horrible junk foods out there designed to ruin people's health, that is why I am designing food that will do the opposite and will save people and promote good health. It is also very important to get good dental care, I have had some bad experiences with some really horrible dentists, try to find a good one, get referred and establish a good relationship with that dentist, many out there are just drilling and doing all sorts of unnecessary things to charge people! Ok on the RAW Food diet, I talk about how people are just using too many dates, honey and high sugar fruit and food in everything! This is wrong and not natural! I may get enemies and people will hate me but I must point out that you cannot and should not eat tons of dates, honey and high sugar fruits all the time, when do you do that normally before? Never! So why are people loading up their desserts with tons of dates, raisens, sugar, honey, etc.? Because once again the whole notion of it being "raw and organic" must mean it is healthy for you! Wrong! That is why my recipes and Gabriel Cousens says to use Agave, and other low sugar sweetners and low glycemic fruits, you still need to know what you are doing and can't just eat bad raw organic food! In a slice of Raw Pie you have no idea how much dates or honey went into it and this can be very dangerous and bad on your health. I have heard people complain that they would go to a certain Raw Restaurant in LA and their smoothies were so sweet that their teeth literally hurt after drinking it! So yes you must brush often, choose what you eat wisely, keep the sugar and glycemic levels down please! Use Agave or liquid Stevia, etc. Do the RESEARCH!

Question #8: Where do you see the raw food movement heading?

I see it heading towards going mainstream and totally accepted as normal, then to fast food franchises, and more. At least that is what I am trying and wanting to do to it! Also I KNOW more people will discover that it is the solution and answer for a lot of what they want and are looking for, that is preventing disease, treating and possibly curing disease but all in the most delicious, satisfying most amazing delicious way possible, RAW! What else could you ask for? I also see RAW being like Yoga, not too long ago Yoga was seen as a fad or just being hippy, well look at it now, it is the #1 Health Industry in America and the same exact thing is happening with RAW! I see RAW becoming the next Atkins, especially since people are really suffering from Atkins!

Question #9: Can you please tell us about some of your current projects you’re working on and/or developing?

Yes besides RAW IN TEN MINUTES I am producing and financing a RAW Documentary, we are looking for more investors, we have the same distributor as SUPER SIZE ME which made over $30 Million at the box office, our RAW Documentary should conservatively make $10 million at least but should make much more. Investors can be in the film and it will be completed in the next several months so we need the investors ASAP. There should be a very high rate of return and SUPER SIZE me proved that documentaries based on food, health and nutrition are popular now and in demand. All good signs. I also have a RAW Organic Eco House Project that I am looking for investors too. This is my personal project, I want a RAW MANSION, if Playboy has one well RAW should and can too! This will help with the Media and making Raw Mainstream. I have several good locations now and one is on Treasure Island in San Francisco, I plan on building others in Hawaii and in Los Angeles, they are Rammed Earth Homes, or they are the ONLY RAW ORGANIC VEGAN homes with no outgassing, no pollution, totally earthquake, fire and termite proof and I want to build them to be tourist attractions but aslo to house Raw Cafes and restaurants so people learn about Raw, Eco and much more! I have many other projects as well but the above are my main ones now, people may contact me by e-mail if they are interested at: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Is there anything else you would like to add? Yes but it would take a huge book! Thanks Alex you are RAWesome!
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