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Saturday, 25 April 2009
David Favor

Question #1: What are some rawfood staples in your current diet?

My staples include goji, avocado, greens, sauerkraut, pressed vegetables, cacao, cashews, macadamia, brazil, pine nuts, activated nuts, seaweeds, dehydrated golden flax crackers and hemp seeds.

Are you 100% raw? How did you start?

My Raw journey began in 1978 when doctors told me I had to have my entire intestinal tract and most of my stomach removed. At 18 I'd already developed my critical thinking (scientist) mental process and figured if surgery was the best doctors could do I'd best stay away from them. I healed myself enough to continue without surgery.

In 1989 a copy of Herbert Shelton's "Food Combining Simplified" came to me and I upgraded my diet considerably. Between 1989 and 1996 I ate vegan, with the exception of raw salmon and raw tuna. Then in 1996, I began experimenting with albuterol online larger quantities of seaweeds and multi-spectrum fats - avocados, olive oil, pine nuts and hemp seeds.

My conclusion back then was my cravings were tracking some missing nutrient. When I ate seaweed and multi-spectrum fat together, approximating the nutrient profile of salmon and tuna all my cravings went away.

I joke about going raw in two days... after many years of experiments.

My entire story including several NDEs (Near Death Experiences) and massive drug use is here:

As for 100% Raw, yes and no.

I eat entirely Raw for long periods of time, several years. When my body has cravings, rather than avoid them I honor them. Here's what I mean. I ate 100% Raw from 4/25/02 till now with the exceptions of the following:

- 1/2-1 oz cooked potatoes

- several rounds of green beans

- several rounds of edaname (raw-ish soy beans)

Twice during this period I've had cravings for potatoes, so I'd eat a small medicinal amount and the craving immediately ceased. Rather
than stuffing myself I'd eat smallest amount to satisfy whatever signal my body was sending.

Green beans are a very interesting food to me. My body goes through a cycle with these. Every 6-8 months, my body signals to have some. I eat a serving and the signal ceases.

Both potatoes and green beans have some interesting substances in them. I've yet to form a conclusion about them and how to replace them, as I did with salmon and tuna. I do note, when I was eating vegan for the period from 1989 to 1996, green beans and small amounts of potato was my cycle then also. My suspicion is there is some release of nutrients by breaking down cell walls with heat (cooking) which is occurring.

Edaname beans are also interesting. I cycle through them also. I call them raw-ish. Both Edaname and Goji Berries fall in my category of raw-ish, as sometimes they'll sprout and sometimes they stay dormant when soaked.

Research and experience shows many people are deficient in tryptophan and this is why they binge on soy products or some nuts. I've noticed my signal for eating Edaname has disappeared since I've introduced (Chocolate Silk Smoothies) into my diet (recipe at http://RadicalHealth.com) which has as it's primary ingredients:

- Raw Cacao: massive magnesium

- Raw Cashews, Macs, Brazils: massive tryptophan

- Raw Agave Nectar: slow release sugar

- Himalayan Salt and Cinnamon: rapid, complete sugar metabolism

- Blueberries: massive blue-purple pigment anti-oxidants

The combination of these nutrients seem to have replaced my tryptophan signal.

I'm doing research on this now and will be writing about it on my Radical Health News Service soon.

Question #2: Can you describe to us what true hunger is?

This is one of the best questions anyone has every asked me. Of all the 1000s of clients I've counseled with in my practice, this is the first time I've had this.

My experience (personally and client interviews) is people primarily eat because of cravings of the macro-nutrients - salt, fat or sugar. Followed next by heat and dryness, then micro-nutrients of trace minerals and amino acids, especially tryptophan.

I translate hunger as the way a body signals some specific nutrient reserve has dropped below some critical threshold and has to be immediately replenished. This cycle intensifies as in the case of sugar. First cravings go toward carrots, beats, bananas (highly hybridized to increase sugar), then to pastries, then table sugar, then alcohol. If some part of sugar metabolism (ability to breakdown and assimilate) is reduced or interrupted, then a body will tend to move toward signaling for sugars which are easier to process.

At the zenith of sugar metabolism disruption is alcoholism, as alcohol is a sugar which can be assimilated without digestion. As the brain runs entirely off sugar, it's essential to have adequate sugar in the diet.

Having said all this, Yemiah and I never "remove" anything from our clients diets when they start their Radical Health journey. Instead, we upgrade various parts of their diets *slowly* and let nature take its course.

One example which comes to mind is my insurance agent. We've been friends for years and he recently went on a program with us to restore his health. In three months, he averaged losing 10 lbs. each month. His body began rejecting caffeine and alcohol (throwing it up). Finally he became unable to go into restaurants where food was being cooked, because the smell hit his gag reflex.

His primary health upgrades - Salt and Angstrom Minerals.

And how does one deal with overeating/binging on raw foods especially dry fruits and fats?

Overeating is overeating, whether Raw or cooked.

When I first started Raw I was eating several avocados each day and now I can barely eat 1/4 to a 1/2. My total caloric intake during a day right now probably averages between 500-1000 calories/day.

I usually eat only one meal each day.

My primary nutrients currently come from Goji Juice and the smoothie I mentioned above.

Overeating, in most cases has both a physical and emotional component. Usually people attempt addressing the emotional component, which is why dieting often fails.

The physical component for most people runs in constant emergency mode, because they eat so little Raw Food and Wild Food. My health and eating habits have changed considerably after several conversations with David Wolfe about eating Raw/Wild greens and wadging (chewing a large mouthful of greens for a long period).

For most people introducing upgrades like Himalayan Salt, Angstrom Minerals and increased dark greens will cause rapid, massive shifts in their hunger signals and eating style.

By increasing nutrient density, people naturally eat less, eat better and eat different.

Question #3: What does radical health mean to you?

Radical Health is a large picture, which I began writing and speaking about in 1995. This was the year I had a second intestinal tract challenge, where I stopped digesting and eliminating. In other words, death or surgery were on my horizon again. My hair went gray in a six week period and I was only awake 6-8 hours each day.

I learned about pleomorphic transitions, Candida, juice fasting (really liquid diet is more accurate) and reversed my symptoms without surgery again.

At the end of this experience, I created a model for myself about Radical Living which included:

- Health

- Wealth (income in verses hours worked)

- Divine Partnership

- Active or Conscious Languaging

From late 1995 to mid 1997 I codified my thoughts and then in July of 1997 used the Languaging aspects of my system to manifest my Divine Partner, Yemiah, in a six week period.

So Radical Health to me is:

- Extreme vitality and longevity

- Living with my Divine Partner

- Expanding my consciousness on every breath

- Creating systems which generate income from the Internet
independent of my time, talent and energy

Question #4: What are some of the best books on raw food?

My favorites with links to where to purchase them are at the end of our very small catalog here:

Some of my favorites are "Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine",
"Eating for Beauty", "Complete Book of Raw" and "Mucusless Diet".

Question #5: Have you changed your eating pattern over the years?

Dramatically. I grew up on a cattle ranch. Up until the mid 1980s I ate 1-2 lbs. of red meat every day, now I eat primarily Raw as I described above. I use to eat 3-5 meals and snacks every day, now I eat one meal when the sun is high and have nutrient liquids like Goji Juice and Chocolate Silk Smoothies through the day.

Question #6: Can you share with us a favorite recipe or dish?

As you know Yemiah is an amazing chef. When we host Raw Food Speakers in our home, each one has commented on her delicious culinary feats. Juliano recently said Yemiah was his only competition.

In the future I'll be publishing many of Yemiah's recipes on our site including all her Thanksgiving recipes, Pizza, crackers, etc.
For now, here's my Chocolate Silk (or Violet Silk) recipe. There are also many other recipes on our site right now.

Our recipes are very simple, as we love convenience and have busy lives. We both eat nutrient dense and light.

Chocolate or Violet Silk Smoothie:

Mix the following in a Vita-Mix and allow to soak for 1+ hours:

2T - Raw Cacao, peeled nibs
1/2t - Himalayan Pink Salt
1/4t - Premium, organic cinnamon
1C - Combo of Cashews, Macs and Brazil
1/2C - Blueberries
1C - Pure water

Blend till smooth and add:

2C - Pure water
1/2C - Raw Agave Nectar
1T - Raw Coconut Butter

Blend till smooth and add:

2C - Pure water

Blend again.

Question #7: What diet advice do you have for the most common deficiencies of a vegan diet? Vitamin D, A, B-12, B complex, DHA, Iron, calcium, zinc etc.?

For the minerals Himalayan Salt and Angstrom Minerals are my first source.


D - Get plenty of sunlight and sun gazing.

A - Greens, nightshades (tomatoes, peppers) and sour citrus (lemons, grapefruit).

B12 - Bee Pollen and Garden of Life Living Multi. I'm still researching best sources of B12. Garden of Life seems to be on the right track by using EM bacteria to produce human compatible B12 and I think they or someone will improve this process greatly.

B Complex - Greens.

DHA - Hemp seeds in combination with other rich oils - olive oil, pine nuts and avocados.

Iron - Nuts, Golden Flax.

Calcium - Nuts.

Zinc - Golden Flax.

Question #8: List some reasons why most people are not %100 raw.

Two factors:

1) Eating nutrient sparse foods, which causes over eating.

2) Eating only cold, wet foods like salads and sweet fruits.

We've assisted many people going 100% Raw by encouraging them to:

1) Increase nutrient density of their diets.

2) Eat plenty of heating and drying foods or move to the tropics where it's constantly warm.

Question #9: Where do you see the raw food movement heading?

Great question. We've been using Goji Juice, Angstrom Minerals and Indium as "Ideavirus vectors", ala Seth Godin.

By this I mean, we're using a few products which give people big results, fast as lead products. Once people get a few
amazing results they get excited about learning more and making other upgrades.

I see the Raw Food movement accessing more and more of mainstream people, as Raw Food activists concentrate on lead products and enhance their marketing.

Question #10: Can you please tell us about some of your current projects you're working on and/or developing?

I've acquired the same database used to generate the "Nutritional Almanac", which contains many of the nutrient tables we all use for research.

My goal is to get all this data online and expanded from a Raw Food perspective, then publish a yearly book of highlights of how I expanded this data over the past year.

I'll either be publishing this data on: http://AltPedia.com or http://SuperFoodBible.com

Additionally, there will be a facility for other Raw Food speakers and writers to add their research also.

Think of this as somewhat of a combination of http://google.com and http://rtir.com, specifically for Raw Fooders.

This will be a forum where people can learn, publish and speak about Raw Food. People interested in this project can email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to keep up with announcements and how they can contribute.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes. I've noticed a recent trend in Raw Food product suppliers which is challenging for me. Some Raw Food companies are cutting deals with supply sources which refuse to sell to other Raw Food companies or place restrictions on how some Raw Food companies may sell their products.

This type of monopoly thinking certainly works. Microsoft, IBM and others have made fortunes by these practices.

And I have another vision of Raw Food, where more and more product sites come online where people have ever increasing choices rather than 1-2 companies which dominate the landscape.

For Raw Fooders, I recommend you research many product sources. Interview each company and find someone you can form a personal relationship with and support them. This will tend to diffuse money through many Raw Food sites and create a more diverse product ecology, which will benefit us all.

Also, as you gather your experience with Raw Food, write about your experiences. Share your unique vision and views with other Raw Fooders.
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