Hopelessly in Love with Lulu's Love Truffles

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Lulus Chocolate Heart Truffles


Once in while a new raw product will tip toe along nearly slipping under my radar without notice. Such was about to be the situation with Lulu's Love Truffles , my newest chocolatey obsession. Being as that I'm not a huge choclopath or chocalomaniac,  when Lulu's newest creation entered into the world around the 4th of July I was definitely intrigued, maybe even excited, but not ecstatic. No, the ecstasy was experienced a bit later, the moment I took a bite of these so-delicious-it-should-be-illegal chocolate truffles! I thinks it's safe to say that if ever there were perfection in chocolate form, it would be right here with Lulu's Love Truffles!

These cute heart shaped truffles are the mergence of 2 of the most epic chocolate creations that the raw food industry has to offer: Lulu's Handcrafted Chocolate (of course), and Rawmio Stone Ground Chocolate Hazelnut Butter . Holy cacao this is a love affair that will surely last till the end of time! Whoever had the idea to combine a melt in your mouth shell of creamy, perfectly textured, rich but not too sweet raw chocolate with a dense, almost fudge-like filling of Rawmio hazelnut butter needs to win a prize! I love how with each bite you get a little hint of Fleur de Sel sea salt to really bring out the flavors of cacao and hazelnut, while also helping to balance out the sweetness of the chocolate. I also love the fact that the only sweetener used is coconut sugar which is very low glycemic. These truffles actually have a glycemic index of only 35 making it a potentially safe treat for those with blood sugar sensitivities as well. Being that it is July and hotter than heck out there, my heart shaped truffles actually melted together in their pretty gold foil wrapper while in transit and combined to make what looked exactly like a lumpy, bumpy candy bar (Babe Ruth style). The situation was quickly remedied by a short trip to the freezer. Not even the power of the mid-summer sun will inhibit the divine deliciousness of these truffles!

Now that you're mouth is watering for this delectable treat, I'd love to highlight just a few key nutritional elements of these truffles as well! Both Lulu's chocolate and Rawmio are kept very cool in their processing steps. Even during the tempering and melting process, Lulu's never exceeds the barely warm temperature of 113 degrees. When Theobroma cacao is eaten in it's raw state like this you get to enjoy all of it's powerful constituents such as Phenylethylamine (PEA) also known as the "love chemical", and Anadamide or the "bliss chemical". No wonder I'm in such a great mood! Also contained within cacao are high levels of trace minerals such as magnesium for healthy, strong bones and yogic-like flexibility. Did you know that cacao butter , when in its raw unprocessed form, actually helps keep the skin supple and hydrated from the inside out? The healthy essential fatty acids within it help our skin lock in water molecules for the ultimate plumping effect. 

Also worth noting is the packaging of this product. It is 100% recycled material and the print is soy and veggie ink. Even the foil can be thrown into your compost bin as it is a material called "Natureflex" that will breakdown right along with your mango peels and kale stems. Fairly traded, certified organic ingredients, environmentally friendly packaging, and a company based on the premise of spreading euphoric, raw, unadulterated love and bliss to their customers.....who wouldn't want to take a bite out of that?

In short, if Lulu's love truffles aren't up for this years Best of Raw awards in the Chocolate category then I won't know what the world is coming to. Whatever you do don't make the same mistake I did and only order 1! My recommendation is to get at least 5 or 6 of these decadent little morsels and store them in your freezer for a cool treat, perfect for these hot summer days we've been experiencing lately. The texture of the chocolate is almost like that of a dip cone from the ice cream parlor! Remarkable. I would love to see Lulu's do a butterscotch version with their Maca Love bar and perhaps Rawmio silk or crunch as the filling. Oh yes, now the gears are turning! Brace yourself and prepare to be completely floored by the utter yumminess of this new enticing chocolate treat!

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