Scroll down below to see a flash video on how to open a young coconut!

Young coconuts ready to be opened!

I got the chef's knife for $1 at the dollar store!
Sharpen it really well before opening a coconut.

Start by peeling the outer skin of the coconut.

Peel it all the way down to shell.

Hit the coconut at a 45 degree angle with the knife a couple times around the brown area.

Pry the coconut open with your knife. Be careful!

Yea! You got it open!

Good job!

Now pour the coconut water into a strainer with a bowl underneath to catch the water.

Place the coconut down and start getting the "meat" out with a sturdy spatula.

Don't be lazy, get everything out of there. That coconut cost you more than a dollar!

And there you go! You can use this coconut meat in smoothies, custards, ice creams, and more!

How to Open a Young Coconut
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