Philip rawks!

Philip Madeley Interview by Alex Malinsky

1. Describe yourself?

Philip Charles Madeley

AKA: Cholorophil
Born: Salford, Manchester, United Kingdom
Date: 3rd June 1976, 12.30pm
All Raw Since: October 11th 1997
Diet: Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine
Supplements: Occasional: DHA, B12, Vitalzyme, Green Powder, Minerals
Home: Tree of Life Community, Patagonia, Arizona
Job Position: Tree of Life Café Manager1.

2. What got you into raw foods?

I began my raw foods journey on April 7th 1996. “Eating for Energy” a chapter in Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins inspired me to drop everything I knew about food. Fit for Life became my bible as I continued to read voraciously and learned about the Fresh Network in the United Kingdom. I discovered “Natures First Law, The Raw Food Diet” on October 11, 1997. From that day forth I entered the all-raw vegan life-style, which I have never abandoned despite all of the challenges.

For 20 years prior, my diet was a Standard English diet of meat, boiled vegetables, bread, potatoes, pasta, chocolate and instant coffee with a serious lack of anything fresh except an occasional apple. My dad was a butcher so meat was a daily staple in our family. Now, my parents (Alan and Patricia Madeley), my sister Sarah, her husband David and children Laura and Oliver, (unvaccinated children) now eat mainly organic vegan raw foods. How this happened is another exciting story for another time about how to inspire and support the family process.

My all-raw vegan life style education and experience included powerful inspiration and every physical and psychological down imaginable. I experimented with fruit juice fasting, colon cleanses, natural hygiene, liver flushes, mono eating, and water fasting. I binged on nuts and dried fruits until seriously sick. I over cleansed and suffered with heavy detoxification (headaches, stomach aches, low energy). I experienced very low B12 levels, zero energy, and sugar highs and lows. My mind was less than clear. The biggest signal of alarm was my deteriorating performance in my competition sport of kayaking. Kayaking, my love and motivation for reading Unlimited Power, was suffering. I felt like crap, but all the while, I sprouted and shouted from the rooftops promoting raw foods as the best thing ever.

Why did I continue? Despite all, I knew living foods were what the spark of light in my heart promised. The person that I thought I was changed forever, as did my perspective on the world. My heart kept me on this path through all the discomforts. Following the heart brings one to the place of peace within…to the eternal fountain of abundant joy. The inner experience of living in the heart is powerful. The path becomes deeper and more expansive as the days go by. Inside every heart is the undeniable truth of the power of eating naturally. Everyone who starts live foods notices a significant perception shift in perspective to the world. With persistence, this grows deeper the further along the path and into balance one goes.

My diet, energy, and health began to balance when I embraced The Sunfood Diet Success System and stayed with a balance of greens. It takes a while to find your own individual balance, as each person’s physiology is unique. On May 7th 2000 I came to the Tree of Life to do the café apprenticeship program. I never left. I have been in every position imaginable, and I now run that café apprenticeship program!

I have really found a deep balance. The whole person healing I did with Gabriel Cousens two years ago was significant for my physical health. I discovered why I had had those many challenges: low minerals, high mercury levels, weak pancreas, low adrenals, poor digestion, very low B12 and clogged small intestines. My health improved significantly and my energy levels became more balanced. My journey into self-knowledge and living foods spiraled upward since entering the College of Living Arts MA program in Vegan and Live Food Nutrition.

When I began raw foods I thought the body was invincible and that raw food alone would heal everything. I could be a superheroJ. I learned that to be healthy you have to also heal the mind, spirit and emotions; the well runs very deep. There are challenges living this way in the world as it is today with pollution, social influence, family, conditioning, physical, emotional, food quality etc. The magical thing is that these opportunities only make you stronger spiritually.

Living at the Tree of Life has helped me to become an original individual. The daily spiritual practices have made life a true blessing and brought up everything I needed to learn when I was ready to learn it. The spiritual practices at the Tree of Life have created a foundation of deep roots connecting me with the only thing that is real, YHVH: that which was is and will be. Be Still and Know I am.

3. What did you eat TODAY?

I have eaten 100% organic since coming to the Tree of Life. It is easy eating at the Tree of Life Café. I eat basically whatever is served and enjoy it.

The Tree of Life food is a blend of simple healing foods and delicate gourmet. With every meal there is a large salad bar with salad and a large variety of veggies, sea veggies and a simple dressing.

Breakfast is a rotating selection of granola, muesli, nut mylks, smoothies, breads and biscotti.

Lunch is our main meal. It is a plated international selection of entrees such as: Authentic pad Thai, Stir Raw/ Veggie Medley, Rawvioli, Spring Rolls, Hummus, Falafel, Cous Cous, Stacked Tomatoes, Mexican Burrito Day, Tree wraps, Rainbow veggie rounds, Batter wedges, Chili and Bread, Veggie Nori Rolls, Chapatis, Six layer quiche, Pizza, Mashed “Cauliflower” Taters, Nutloaf, Coleslaw, Bell pepper boats with Guacasalsa, Zucchini Alfredo, Un-Garlic Bread, Sushi Rolls, Cannelloni, Savory Sage Croquettes, Stuffed tomatoes Lasagne, Savory tarts, Dolmas or greek style wraps, Tzatziki. These entrees make up a small part of our ever evolving menus.

Dinner is simple soups, salad bar and dressing.

When away from Tree of Life my personal diet is pretty simple and I find it easy to travel and be raw. I eat 100% organic as always and basically a really simply diet of whole fruits, nuts and simple salads.

4. What programs do the Tree of Life offer? And what is your favorite?

The programs are phenomenal. Here is a basic list:

1. More information about the following programs at
Spiritual Fasting Retreat
Spiritual Yoga Fasting Retreat
Zero Point Process Workshop
Arizona Live!
Living Essene Way, Level One
Living Essene Way, Level Two

Sacred Relationship: An E'Sensual Way of Life

2. Masters in Vegan and Live Food Nutrition. Details at

3. Masters in Vegan Farming coming soon

4. Experiential Live-Food Apprenticeship Programs. Details at:é.html

5. Conscious Eating Intensive. Details at

6. Nature Farming & Spiritual Gardening Details at

7. Priesthood Training and Ordination. Details at

8. Cleanse and Rejuvenation Programs. Details at and

9. Whole Person Healing and Medical Programs:

10. New Spa Packages: Details Coming Soon. To include facials, body wraps, water therapies etc and Massages/Therapies:
Details at

11.  The Peace Everyday Initiative:

12.  Tree of Life Experience – The Tree of Life Foundation daily activities and Spiritual Programs – Details at

13.  Tree of Life School – Coming Soon

I love that the Tree of Life embraces all levels of mind body spirit from the ancient traditions to the modern western view of alternative therapies. I love all of the programs. The most transformational and fun to watch and experience are the group fasts and Zero Point. I love watching people transform at a real deep level and experience an amazing spiritual transformation.

5. What does the Tree of Life mean to you?

The Tree of Life is my family of light and a family open to all. It is a model for healing and transformation on every level for the rainbow nation. It means inner awakening and transformation and global peace.

6. How many people does the cafe serve a day and what kinds of foods do they serve?

The café serves 100 meals a day. On average: 30 breakfasts, 50 lunches and 20 dinners. You can see a comprehensive overview of the food in the book Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine and online até.html. The food is basically low glycemic, vegan, and 100% organic, kosher and simple gourmet.

7. Out of all the chefs that have been in the Cafe's kitchen who makes the best foods?I would change that question to “what really makes a good chef?”

The essence of live food preparation is to prepare food with presence, consciousness and open heartedness. I tell the apprentices at the start of each program if they learn this one thing they will be successful. A beautifully prepared raw salad with love far surpasses the most gourmet raw food prepared in ego centeredness. The Tree of Life Café cuisine continues to evolve and every person who comes through the program is part of that evolution. You can learn about all the chefs that have graced the Tree of Life café at
8. I hear you like raw chocolate, got any favorite recipes?

Raw Cacao is an amazing food. My favorite has to be:
Really Raw Chocolate Ice Cream
Phase 2, serves 6
Part 1: Coconut Cream
In a blender:
3 C Coconut pulp*
3 C Coconut water*
Blend into a creamy consistency
Part 2: The Flavors
1 C raw cacao powder
½ C Agave nectar
½ C coconut butter
2 t salt
Blend separately in a high-speed blender: coconut butter, agave and cacao powder until it forms a very smooth texture. Blend the coconut cream with the flavors mixture and salt. Pour this mixture into an ice cream maker and follow manufacturers instructions. Or freeze and process through a champion juicer.
Options: Various sweet fruits, berries, dried fruits (blueberries are awesome), mesquite, sweet spices, orange peel, vanilla
* Various Options if no young coconut available:
Create nut mylk with 3 C nuts, 3 C water. Blend and strain Use: almond, brazil, macadamia, walnut, pecans or fresh mature coconut
Chocolate brownies
phase 2
4 C unsoaked pecans
4 C unsoaked brazil nuts
3 t sea salt
1¼ C blended cacao beans
¾ C raw carob
2 C soaked raisins pureed
6 T agave nectar
½ C melted coconut oil
Blend pecans to a fine meal and place in a bowel. Blend the brazil nuts to a fine meal and combine with the pecans. If wanting your brownies with chunks leave some nuts slightly chunkier. Add the salt, blended cacao beans and carob to the nuts and mix until well incorporated.
Mix pureed raisins thoroughly into the dry nut mix. Add your agave nectar and coconut oil into the brownie mix and work through with your hands.
Place the brownie mix in a 9 x 13 “ glass dish and pat down evenly. Sprinkle with cacao powder and refrigerate.
Optional additional ingredients:
Orange zest
Almond extract
Desiccated coconut
For Mexican brownies add 3 t cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne.
Both receipes from our upcoming book. Rainbow Green Live Food Cusiine – Volume 1 receipes.

9. Have you witnessed any miracles or any deep healing at the Tree of Life?

Every day! We open our inner eyes to experience the continual miracle. True change, that lasts, happens every day a little bit at a time. Radical changes do happen, usually the person has done much foundation work that they may or may not be aware of. I look back at how I have personally changed since being here and it is beyond words. I see people around me growing and evolving every day. The spiritual juice fasts and Zero Point can implement the most radical changes. Fasting resets the programs in the body mind complex. People, who stick with the program, without expectation, making small changes just beyond the comfort zones, have the most lasting change. You can go on a personal development pep week and the effects wear off pretty quickly. If you learn day in and out with a network of like-minded people to make it part of who you are the changes last for life. This is the model the Tree of Life community is making. This path is for the warrior and is full of challenges, taken with an open heart, these daily challenges help in the transformation.

10. What is Shabbat and why does the Tree of Life perform it?

Ecstatic Shamanic Essene Kabalistic Shabbat Ceremony

The Shabbat ceremony is an important part of the deep Essene lineage that we practice at the Tree of Life. It is part of the weekly spiritual practices and occurs every Friday evening and runs through to Saturday evening. The Shabbat is the day god blessed the earth. It is a time when we live in the state of beingness in the state of our essence beyond time and space in the ultimate God presence. Shabbat consciousness is something we aim to bring into our everyday lives. The Friday ceremony is an honoring of the elements with candle lighting (spirit), washing hands (releasing the past week and blessing all the water of the planet with the mantra Vav Mem Beit), grape juice “wine” (life force water element) and finally the earth plane the Challah, sacred Essene bread (recipe below). Stories are then told and then we dance ecstatically and sing Hebrew mantras (which shifts consciousness) with the Simcha Band (CD Available). After that we meditate as would the ecstatic kabbalist and receive Smicha le’shefa a Kundalini awakening or descent of grace with Gabriel Cousens

11. How does one become an apprentice at the cafe?

The Tree of Life Café Apprenticeship Program is intricately linked with the whole Tree of Life Experience, the main focus being on the food preparation skills, the bottom line being the spiritual life. The people I look for are those who wish to be part of the community and shift their personal consciousness and help heal the planet. As I said earlier, “If you learn one thing it is to prepare food in a state of love from your heart.”

The program is all encompassing of the living foods lifestyle and spiritual life, and is split into basic modules from kitchen flow to teaching skills. All the details of this program can be found at Follow link to apprentice program at for details. It is definitely an intense committed journey with both tears and joy for all involved. Everyone who commits evolves very deeply on this program.

The steps to apply are:
1. Read the Tree of Life Foundation Website and decide: do you really wish to be part of this spiritual community?
2. Read all the café pages in detail to get a complete picture of the program.
3. Fill out the application form and email or snail mail it to me:
4. We will then have an informal interview by phone.
5. You make a deposit to confirm you place on the program.
6. You arrive 1 day before program start date.
The best way to make contact is by email as this way I can answer your questions very quickly. Here are my details:
Philip Madeley
Tree of Life Cafe
PO Box 928
771 Harshaw Road
AZ 85624
520 394 2589 ext 254
cell 520 604 6139

12. What are some current projects you are working on?

My latest projects are:
1.  With the Tree of Life Team we are creating a new recipe book called “Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine Volume 1” Is has over 100 recipes and many new hints and tips for creating great live foods.
2. Café Workbook integrating the nutritional aspect of the program in an easy to use format
3. Creating a database of what past chefs and apprentices are doing today
4. Creating connections with people who require chefs for a chef referral service
5. Creating a café newsletter with recipes, latest research, opportunities, free raffles and pictures.
6. Café Expansion Plans – Planning a mini expansion of the café as it stands and plans for the new restaurant facilities in the next couple of years.
7. Café Budgeting – How to make the café run more efficiently while only using the highest quality ingredients
8. Dehydration Study – Looking at the changes in analyze content after dehydration at varying temperatures. This is part of the Masters in vegan and live food nutrition program.
9. Looking for new café chefs for 2005
10. With Michela we are creating a children friendly menu.
Any Final Thoughts?
Have fun on your journey. Let the journey unfold. Realize “whatever God does is for the best!”


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