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Question #1: What are some raw food staples in your current diet? How did you start? Are you 100% raw?

Green-leafy vegetables, raw olives, celery, avocados, purple cabbage, coconuts, berries, bananas, green juice, sea vegetables, Raw Power Protein blend, Thor's Hammer cold-pressed tablets, and various raw superfood powders. I've been 90% plus raw since 1995 with long periods of time at 100% raw.

Question #2: What is your book, "Raw Power! The Power of Raw Foods,  Superfoods, and Building Strength and Muscle Naturally (4th Edition,  2011)" about? How is it different than the other editions?

The new Raw Power book details all my strategies to gain super strength and muscle eating a diet of raw foods and superfoods, based on over 15 years of my experiences with a raw-food diet and being at the forefront of the raw-food movement. The book also includes all my unique personal workouts, raw-food recipes and lots of other stuff. I was never really that happy with the first three editions (1998, 2000, 2002), as they were more "thrown together." With this new edition (2011), I took my time, stripped the old edition down to the bare essentials and then added in over 100 pages of new information. The new workouts I came up with were inspired by a raw foodist I met who out lifted the combined efforts of 10 people. You can read about this amazing story in the new Raw Power book as well.

Question #3: What is the common pitfall that raw fooders typically make?

Becoming too fixated on food. They'll be eating one meal and thinking about the next. A raw food diet is just a tool to help you live your life in the healthiest and happiest way possible.

Question #4: What are your top 3 tips for raw newbies?

Take in enough calories and protein, exercise daily, and stay hydrated.

Question #5: Can you share some secrets on adding weight and muscles?

Basically it comes down to taking in enough calories and protein and lifting weights on a consistent basis. There are of course many co-factors such as staying hydrated, getting adequate sleep, power of the mind, etc. It's all in the new Raw Power book, so check it out.

Question #6: Can you share a favorite raw food recipe with us?

I'm massively into raw, high-protein smoothies, so here's my favorite:

2 scoops Raw Power! Protein Superfood Blend
1 Tbsp. Fruits of the Earth blend
24 ounces fresh organic orange juice (or pure water)
1 ripe organic banana
1 cup (half bag) of frozen organic berries (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc.)
1 handful organic Raw/Organic Goji Berries
1 tbsp Raw/Organic Acai Powder
1 tsp Raw/Wildcrafted Camu Camu Berry Powder
1 tsp Raw/Wildcrafted Mangosteen Powder

Blend all ingredients until desired consistency. Then, depending on your tablet-swallowing capabilities, with each swig of your smoothie, take 3-15 Thor's Hammer tablets. This super meal contains approximately 40 grams of protein and little to no fat, and has countless health benefits. Massive nutrition...truly one of the healthiest meals anyone is eating on Earth today!

Question #7: Do you have any dental problems on the raw diet?

The last problem I've had with a tooth was in 1993, before I adopted a raw-food diet. At my last visit to to the dental hygienist, she looked at my teeth and told me she's never seen zero plaque on a set of 40-year old teeth before, so I'm obviously doing something right!

Question #8: What are your top 5 superfoods that you consume daily?

Raw Power Protein Superfood Blend, Thor's Hammer tablets (pure chlorella and pure spirulina), Goji Berries, Maca, Hemp Seeds.

Question #9: Where do you see the raw food movement heading?

Our goal back in 1995 was to popularize the Raw Food Diet to the point where every household on Earth would at the very least know about it. We still have a ways to go, but we're getting there!

Question #10: Can you please tell us about some of your current projects you're working on and/or developing?

Well, I have four sons (ages 11, 9, 7, 4) and my 11-year old and I have an important baseball tournament game to play here in about three hours (I'm the coach), so that's the most important "project" I'm concentrating on right now. Haha! Seriously, yes, I'm always working on something new...another book is in the works as well as a workout video. Stay tuned at

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