Raw Food Interviews
One of the largest collection of raw food guru's and leaders interviewed by Alex Malinsky.

Angelina Elliott
I have been known as Celestial Raw Goddess for about 12 years now and with the help of Tera Warner of THE RAW DIVAS, we decided to go in a new direction. I am all about Chinese herbs, life, the earth, being green, etc, so She-Zen represents that buying tramadol online perfectly. SHIZEN means Mother Nature :-) SHE refers to the feminine divine linking me to women's health and my work with the raw divas.
Julia Corbett
Diviana Alchemy was created in the summer of 2009, and it came after a long stay in Hawaii where I had access to the most nutrient-rich fresh foods I ever experienced.  At this time I was traveling around and needed to feel grounded again, so I found myself in Southern California for a longer stay than I expected after meeting the man I Love, and in this state I allowed myself to be fully creative again.  With some new-found superfood herbs and medicinals in the kitchen I began experimenting, and that's when Diviana came to be.  Diviana is a play on the divine, which we all participate in, in our highest state...
Courtney Pool
Courtney PoolI have three main staples: greens (including sprouts), spirulina, and green juice.  Fresh greens and sprouts are a daily staple for me: I have a big salad for lunch and sometimes even for breakfast.  I feel they're the basis of a balanced raw food diet.  Green juice is another staple which I drink every day.  I usually have a non-glycemic juice made from cucumbers, celery, greens, and lemon either in the morning or in the evening, depending how I feel that day.
Jay Kordich
In the summertime we eat differently than in the wintertime. We are 100% vegan, and we do eat cooked foods in the fall/winter at about 30% and in the summertime, we are mostly all raw. Because we live in a cold climate, we have found more balance in eating a bit of cooked foods in these colder climates such as cooked soup, grains in our salads, etc.,.
Susan Schenck
Susan Schenck Now I donít need the transition food so much. I am 100% raw 95% of the time. But I feel better when I AM 100% raw; the food cravings go away and I donít even think about food. Cooked food is addictive; raw food isnít. Your stomach doesnít even growl when you go without eating on a raw food diet! Cooking the food changes the molecules and makes it addictive just like fermenting the food and making it into alcohol does.
Gabrielle Brick
Gabrielle Brick I am the founder of The One Lifestyle LLC. I created The ONE Chocolate bar (tm) that is available now, with the intention of sharing the benefits of raw chocolate & superfoods! There are many who desire GREAT tasting food that is HEALTHY! Each batch is made by hand with all organic, vegan & raw superfoods, the low glycemic sweetener Agave, and pure loving intention!!! Already it has had the honor of being coined, "The only chocolate bar you'll ever need!" It is an honor and I truly LOVE what I do... so all of that magic is infused into the essence of every bar!
Dereme Church & Blazej Mikulicz of Cru Cacao
We started Cru Cacao by first experimenting with chocolate and giving away truffles as gifts during the holiday season. Everyone loved them and couldn't believe how delicious they were! No one believed they were raw and actually good for you!
Neil Albert
Neil Albert I was a long time Olive Oil Marketer, involved with such brands as Filippo Berio and Italica Olive Oils, when I was offered the opportunity to head up the USA division for Olivado. When I looked at the product line, and researched the amazing culinary and health components of avocado oil I was stunned. It seemed like this, the healthiest, most delicious and versatile edible oil, was almost unknown and not commercially available in America! I took it as my personal mission to launch this product line, and introduce it to the American Marketplace.
Steve Adler
Steve Adler I always give myself a little leeway so that I donít get too mental about the diet, or too constricting. I want to be able to have an occasional cooked food indulgence if my Sacred Heart is calling for it. I was close to 100% raw for 5 to 6 years in the 1990ís, but eventually, because of several factors, I decided to become a little bit more relaxed around my strictness with it.
Philip Ostrom
Philip OstromI have always had a unexplainable attraction to coconut in all its forms: curry sauce, dehydrated coconut, the flesh and the water. I have worked in Mexico for nearly twenty years with organic growers. In those twenty years I never drove by a roadside coconut stand without stopping to sample the goods. I have a friend (Chad Sarno) who was the head chef at the Tree of Life in Patagonia that introduced us to young Thai coconuts about six years ago and unleashed its incredible flavor in many different dishes in our kitchen.
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