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Wednesday, 26 August 2009
Question #1: What are some raw food staples in your current diet? How did you start? Are you 100% raw?

In the summertime we eat differently than in the wintertime. We are 100% vegan, and we do eat cooked foods in the fall/winter at about 30% and in the summertime, we are mostly all raw. Because we live in a cold climate, we have found more balance in eating a bit of cooked foods in these colder climates such as cooked soup, grains in our salads, etc.,.

Question #2: What is your program, "Live Food Live Bodies Living Health Program" about? How is it different than the other programs out there?  

Well, not that we want to be arrogant about our program, but few people know my wife, Linda is 54 and has been a vegetarian since she was ten years old. Collectively we have over 100 years of knowledge about the vegetarian diet and juice therapy. That's how I met Linda. Her mother bought juicers from me when Linda was still a teenager, and by the time she turned 25, we were married. Our Live Foods Live Bodies Program is also multi media, where we have our book, five cds and two dvds that were created in Hawaii. Linda and I also used part of our life's savings to create this program, so there is no manipulation from editors or publisher's opinions or persuations in the way they always seem to want things. It is purely our voice to doxycycline online yours. Publisher's are always thinking of reaching the masses, but we wanted to reach their hearts. When your motivation is to reach the masses, somehow the purity of a teaching can be lost, so that's why Linda and I wanted to publish this on our own.

Question #3: Do you consume any raw super foods in your daily diet?

Yes, absolutely! We have a tape called The Power of Greens, and I don't kid around about greens. They are superior foods for superior thinking, living and being. We cannot survive without greens. In the mornings Linda and I made a supergreen smoothie, usually containing supergreen powders in water with bananas and spirulina and various other fresh greens such as parsley, spinach, kale, chard or romaine lettuces. Then in the summertime sometimes we will use superberries such as acai with fresh blueberries because we get a lot of fresh berrries in the summertime up here in the Pacific Northwest.

Question #4: Do you have any tips for raw newbies?

Yes, we do. Slow and steady wins the race! Remember, we are a species, that for thousands of years we have been eating cooked foods, and also flesh foods as well, so to go from eating flesh foods, and cooked foods towards a completely raw food diet is difficult, and we slip quite frequently. So, after sixty plus years of thinking about and observing people going through these processes, it's best to start slowly and slowly eliminate the cooked foods from your diet, and if you are a non vegetarian and want to go raw, then take it even slower. The best way to adjust your body to raw foods quicker, is to juice between 1.5 and 2 quarts of vegetable juices. This will accelerate the body to detox faster and be ready to adjust to a more raw food diet. There is another consideration one should think about, and that is how our emotional body reacts from changing from a heavier diet to a lighter diet. Raw foods are rich in a higher vibrating frequency, which is some of the reasons why we feel so good when we are doing raw foods. Our emotional bodies need time to adjust to this kind of higher frequency, thus another reason for taking it slower.

Question #5: How do you come up with a recipe? Can you share one?

Most of my recipes are from the great teachers such as Dr. Kirschner and Dr. Walker and Dr. Gerson, but Linda likes to get creative. A good superjuce/blender tonic which is new is: fill your blender with 3 cups purified water, 2/3 cup soaked (overnight first) organic and unsulphered apricots, three frozen organic bananas and 2 medium sized white peaches without the stone. This is a high vitamin A and C tonic. But this is more for fun, once a week type of smoothie.  

Question #6: What is you favorite juice to make?

My favorite, no doubt is: Carrot/apple/beet. Beets are highly underrated but they are superior for our blood and especially for women's and men's urinary tract. It's also fantastic for our liver and gallbladder and kidneys. Adding the beet greens as well to the juice makes it even more superior.

Question #7: Do you have any dental problems on the raw diet?

I do not have any problems with my teeth now, becuase I had a lot of surgery when I was in my early seventies that put a lot of crowns on, but even before the crowns, I didn't have any type of troubles with my teeth, gum wise, or absesses. 

Question #8: Who are some of your inspirations?

Well, as I am aging now, pushing 90, I guess I could say love of my family becomes stronger and stronger. I was so blessed to find Linda in 1980, even though she was 25 and I was 58, she was and is my soulmate. We had two children together back in the early 80's, so now we have two wonderful children in their mid twenties and everyday I wake up, I am so grateful to have such a loving wife and devoted children. Families need to stay together, learn to resolve conflicts and forgive each other. Besides my family, I do believe Mother Nature is my greatest inspiration. It always amazes me how perfect and beautiful Nature is, yet we are so busy so much of the time, that we don't take enough time to observe and appreciate the sound of a bird's song or the fragrance of a beautiful flower. As I have aged, I have realized how important it is to focus our eyes and ears in this direction.

Question #9: Name one thing that most people don't know about you?  

Very few people know that I have been absent from selling juicers and being on television for ten years due to the fact I was banned from selling juicers until the day I died, due to a forced non compete contract I had to sign. I have suffered deeply from what has happened to my teaching. I was banned from being able to publish, sell or even allow anybody to ever call me the Juiceman, or I would be sued again. That is why so many people have seen Jack Lalanne take the worldwide stage sellng juicers, because producers wanted someone that looked like me to take over, even though Jack never knew anything about juice therapy. Now, luckily the company that made us sign this agreement has gone bankrupt, and my freedom now is before me.

Question #10: What was it like meeting Norman Walker? What did you talk to him about?

Meeting Dr. Walker was incredible experience for me because I had been living in New York for many years, and i used to read his book, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, along with colon health. This was back in the 1960's so when I moved back to California in 1975, I stopped in Arizona and met up with him to discuss juicing and cancer. He was a gentle man, very philosophical, somewhat thin and seemed to have all the time in the world to speak to me. I was used to being in New York where everybody spoke fast, walked fast, talked fast.....and here he was like an enlightened person. He told me that the key to life was to relax and take naps as well as juicing everyday. He also had goats, and believed that goat milk was far superior to cow's milk and had lots of it (unpasturized of course). When he died in 1985, I felt his spirit with me because within two months after his death, we moved to Washington state and immediately brought up to two thousand people per seminar, whereby before we could only bring in ten or twenty. My life changed forever after that, whereby I felt he had handed the rod of knowledge about juicing to me. Just a few years later, millions of people were seeing me on television day in and day out spreading the word of juicing. So I like to think I helped finish his dream for the passion of juicing.

Question #11: What are some ways that you protect yourself and your family from the harmful EMFs nowadays?

Linda and I do not use a microwave, nor do we live in a big city. We live in a small town with only 75,000 people, very close to the Canadian border, and we also live a few houses away from a huge park with two waterfalls that are about forty feet high, so we like to think this helps. There are not large electrical plants near our home, nor even anywhere near us. We do not use cell phones except when we travel, and try to keep each call less than two minutes. We stay at least six feet away from the tv when we do watch it. 

Question #12: Where do you see the raw food movement heading?  

I see the rawfood movement becoming bigger and bigger as we mature into what it has to teach us. We will see more restaurants, more companies investing in this kind of 'knowledge' about how heat kills the lifeforce in foods, and hopefully there will be more and more research dedicated to this vital truth.

Question #13: Can you please tell us about some of your current projects you're working on and/or developing? 

Linda and I are currently working to re-establish the beautiful teaching I was able to start but not finish, so there is a lot of talk about doto re-designing and re-creating a new trademark called Juicedaddy so we can begin again the sales and distribution worldwide of our new juicer and living health program. Now at the age of 86 (tomorrow by the way!) I have a new opportunity to finally be able to finish my teachings about the power of juicing, and to hopefully write a few more books. I feel really blessed to be given this opportunity to again reach and inspire people to eat well and to juice everyday!

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Angelique said:

Interesting article!
August 26, 2009 | Website

Kaitherine said:

An inspiration!

August 26, 2009 | Website

CB said:

Love Jay and Linda. They are awesome examples and teachers of living foods! Watching their videos has literally saved my life and made me feel alive again.Nice Interview. Thank You!!!
February 15, 2010

Vegan Video said:

I just saw Jay speak last night. He is truly an inspirational person!
June 14, 2010 | Website

Jeff said:

Way to go Juice Daddy. I love eating raw veggies from my organic garden.
August 26, 2010 | Website

Tom Siegel said:

Reading you first book about juicing inspired me to start juicing everyday. I have never regretted that decision and feel very healthy from it. Thanks
January 31, 2011

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