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RawGuru.com is your source for the latest up to date raw food information. We want to inform you the best way we can at every angle about the raw food diet!

We believe it's a necessity that everyone, yes everyone on the planet is aware about this lifestyle! We offer fun and useful ways for people to open their mind and eat the way nature intended it to be.

RawGuru Logo

Rawuru Logo

The RawGuru logo is a a representation of a man sitting in the lotus position with a kirlian energy force around him.

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Alex MalinskyAlex Malinsky is an award winning chef and one of the leading experts in the field of raw food. He started to learn about raw foods at the early at of 15. After 9 years on the raw food diet he continues to be on the cutting edge of nutritional research and product development.

Alex is the founder of multiple websites, including RawGuru.com, RawFoodChat.com,SproutLiving.com. His most recent website launch is an online dating and networking community called RawFoodFriends.com. Alex has written articles for multiple publications, catered events, and has had the honor to interview other leaders in the raw food movement. With his company RawGuru.com, he has formed relationships with organic farms around the world. In working directly with farmers, Alex distributes truly raw foods to the US, including organic sun dried durian from Malaysia, truly organic coconuts from Thailand, wild mountain frozen berries from various locations. Outside of his passion for raw foods, Alex enjoys wild foraging, creating websites, and exercising.

Dried Wild Durian Organic Young Coconuts Wild Mountain Berries
We offer an array of raw food services to make your raw journey
much more enjoyable and fun!

A Complete Raw Food and Equipment Store - We are here to bring you the finest, organic raw and living foods and superior equipment to make your raw food journey the best ever! Click here to start shopping!

Raw Food Chef Training - We will teach you and your family basic steps to go raw! We will share zithromax online and help you prepare some of our favorite and simple recipes so you can not only go raw but also stay raw!

Raw Food Catering -
We will cater for your weddings, parties, whatever the size, we can handle it! Let us know what foods you want and we will do it!

Raw Food Workshops/Lectures/Demos - We can conduct workshops or demos at your next event! We can talk about the raw food diet, answer questions and much more!