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Issue ?: Sept 25th, 2009

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"Thank you for your time and thank you much for all the hard work you put into putting together such a beautiful newsletter!"
-Denise T, USA

"A big hooray for your website and newsletter. You've done a lot of work!! They look great! My mouth was watering over all those gourmet pics from TOL!"
-Johanna Farias

"WOW!!! This is a GREAT newsletter! THANK YOU!!"
- Stephanie Keys

"You are so inspiring! & ONLY 19!!!! Thank you Alex!!!"
-Natalie Miller, Israel

"Hi Alex, Glad to be part of your wonderful experience.."
-Paulie, USA

"You have one of the coolest rawfood websites I have ever come across. Keep up the good work!"
-Robert Horton

"Alex!! You're rawsome! The newsletter rawks! Great ob."
-Erin, California

"Thank you so much forsending me the first issue. I loved it! The pictures of TOL were awesome."

"Hi Alex, I love your ewsletter, the recipes are so simple!"
-Cindy, USA

"You are such an inspiration to me! Great job on your first newsletter!
-Sanda, New York

"The interviews have helped me a lot! Thanks again!"
-Joe, USA

"Newsletter is rawkin'! Thank you for being apart of this raw food movement!"
-Bobby C. USA

"We've read your newsletter It's excellent!"
-Doug & Tatyana


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