Chocolate will never cease to be a fantastic option not only for lovers but also for people in
pursuit of long-term health benefits in late years of their lives. In reference to a research that was presented at the 247th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), raw chocolate from cacao powders contain plenty of antioxidants , including epicatechin and catechin, coupled with small amounts of fiber. Also, the gut bacteria are capable of breaking down and fermenting components in raw chocolate to produce anti-inflammatory compounds that are essential for your health. Here are the best 9 health benefits of raw chocolate:

1. Healthy Brain Function

Researchers from the University of Nottingham discovered that consumption of chocolate can help in sharpening the mind and improving cognitive skills. Professor Ian Macdonald, the study author, said that chocolate is rich in flavanols, which promote the flow of blood in critical areas of the brain that determine performance and attention over a short period. Macdonald also said that consumption of flavanol-rich chocolate was associated with increased grey matter flow for up to three hours.

2. It Promotes Cardiovascular Functions

Studies have shown that moderate consumption of dark or raw chocolate can lower blood pressure while reducing bad cholesterol levels by nearly 10%. This is because raw chocolate contains antioxidants like flavanoids commonly found in green tea and red wine. Also, raw chocolate is an excellent source of potassium and copper, two minerals that are essential in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. However, chocolate is high in calories, and excessive consumption should be avoided.

3. Colon Cancer Prevention

About Mehmet Oz, MD, Cardiology, a new animal study suggests that raw chocolate consumption may help in colon cancer prevention. Individual ingredients (flavanoids) in raw chocolate help in elimination of unhealthy cells from your body through a process called apoptosis. Through this process, flavanoids can help in destruction and removal of cancerous cells along the digestive tract, especially the large intestines.

4. Reducing Cholesterol

According to researcher Mee Young Hong, PhD, associate professor of exercise and nutritional sciences at San Diego State University, eating raw chocolate can help lower LDL or “bad” cholesterol while increasing HDL or “good” cholesterol. In Hong’s study that involved 31 men and women, she found that participants who took dark chocolate lowered their bad cholesterol by nearly 20% and increased good cholesterol by about 20% compared to those who ate white chocolate.

5. Decrease Menopause and PMS Symptoms

Most women crave for chocolate before and during their menstrual periods. About Dr. David Wolf, this is mainly because of the much needed magnesium contained in chocolate. Dr. Wolf says that women experience a decline in magnesium levels in the body during menstruation which contributes to increased premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopausal symptoms . Raw chocolate helps to supplement magnesium deficiencies during the menses cycle, lowering the effects of PMS for therapeutic results. Plus chocolate regulates hormonal imbalances to reduce PMS and menopausal symptoms.

6. It Improves Digestion

There are healthy bacteria that live in your large intestines that ferment both the antioxidants and fiber found in raw chocolate. Chocolate delivers high amounts of these helpful microbes that improve digestion. According to Andrew Marten, co-founder of Ohso, a company based in Britain that manufactures cocoa brands, the friendly bacteria help in positively influencing gastrointestinal functions to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients. In fact chocolate delivers higher amounts of healthy bacteria than yoghurt and milk drinks, he added.

7. It supports Weight Loss

A new study shows that eating chocolate can help you to stay slim. According to the U.S. study, regular consumers of chocolate tend to have less body fat than those who don’t. Researchers suggested that calories contained in raw chocolate increase metabolism, which prevents storage of fat. According to Dr. Beatrice Golomb, study leader from the University of California at San Diego, the composition of calories in chocolate determines the ultimate impact on weight. Chocolate also reduces appetite and lowers food cravings.

8. Increases Energy, Alertness

Apart from being packed with calories for energy production, chocolate is also loaded with anti- inflammatory compounds and magnesium, which can make you feel less pain when working out. It boosts your energy levels and alertness to make exercising more enjoyable. Caffeine in raw chocolate has stimulating effects that can make that extra mile seem like a short jaunt.

9. It Promotes Healthy Blood Flow

About a small study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, chocolate may help improve vascular health by increasing the flow of blood. Patients above 70 years suffering from peripheral artery disease (PAD) who took dark chocolate managed to walk longer distances (11%) than their counterparts who didn’t. According to study author Lorenzo Loffredo from the Sapienza University of Rome, they noted significantly improved blood flow in participants who ate chocolate.


The health benefits of raw chocolate may be numerous than what has already been discovered. Many studies have shown how chocolate bars and candies can improve the quality of life at present and in the future. However, chocolate should be consumed in moderation as there is nothing right in too much of anything.

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Author Bio:

Vaileria Dennis is a Health and Beauty expert. She has written various articles on Beauty and
Makeup. In recent years, she has had an opportunity to research about Solvaderm Skin care routine. She is always excited to share her ideas related to Beauty care and Makeup Tips.

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Winter is the season of gluttony. Why yes, the irresistible (and unhealthy) holiday treats and dipping temperatures are sure to make even the healthiest of us forego our fitness regimen and diet plans. No surprises why the season leaves behind a mark on our waistlines, our moods and even on our skin and hair. As the gloomy winter gives way to blooming spring flowers, replace your unhealthy diet with healthier alternatives that will positively impact your overall health and wellness. A raw food diet is known to work wonders in managing weight, improving mood, increasing stamina and healing ailments like arthritis, cancer, asthma, thyroid and diabetes, among many others. Here is a list of the top 5 raw foods that you must add onto your plate, this season:

1. Berries - All the berry lovers out there, unite! Considered a gourmet favorite by chefs and food lovers across the globe, berries aren’t just delicious but are also extremely beneficial for the human body. The high polyphenol content in organic berries, especially blueberries make them a good source of fiber and an excellent brain boosting food. They are also packed with vitamin C, B complex, vitamin E, vitamin A, copper, selenium, zinc and iron. These immune boosting nutrients help the body fight infections and prevent the formation of free radicals. Blueberries also help regulate blood sugar levels. According to studies , baking blueberries can change its polyphenol content and impact its health benefits, so it is suggested to enjoy the fruit raw than having it in a pie, a cheesecake or a muffin.

2. Leafy Greens – Leafy green vegetables are known far and wide for their dense nutrient content and subsequent health benefits, but did you know they are even more healthful when consumed raw? Vegetables such as cabbages, Brussels sprouts and broccoli contain anticancer compounds such as isothiocyanates and glucosinolates. A research newsletter published by the Oregon State University suggests that boiling cruciferous vegetables for 9-15 minutes can result in 20-60% decrease in their total glucosinolate content. A joint study conducted by University of California and Louisiana State University found that raw vegetables contain higher amounts of antioxidants like folic acid, vitamin C, lutein and zeaxanthin as compared to cooked vegetables. Vitamin C, lutein, and zeaxanthin help reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Vitamin C is also known to improve skin health by boosting production of collagen. Folic acid, on the other hand, helps in the formation of red blood-cells and ensures proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.

4. Garlic – The idea of munching on a raw garlic clove may seem unappetizing to most of us. But, did you know it produces allicin, a DNA-protecting compound? Cooking can inactivate this enzyme resulting in no absorption of the same. According to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, consuming raw garlic helps reduce risk of colorectal, prostate, stomach and uterine cancers.

3. Nuts - The next time you indulge in a pack of roasted nuts as an evening snack, ponder over the benefits you’d be missing out on and the calories you’d be piling on. Raw and organic nuts have low sodium content, but packaged nuts often have added salt, which is a bummer for those suffering from high blood pressure. Oil roasted nuts also have higher calories as compared to raw nuts. Raw nuts on the other hand are a source of healthy fats that lower the LDL (bad) cholesterol and reduce risk of blood clots, nervous weakness and cardiovascular diseases. Deep roasting nuts (over 170 degrees) raises levels of carcinogenic acrylamides and breaks down the disease-fighting fats into free radicals that increase plaque, thus resulting in heart diseases.

5. Cacao – We often thank the person who brought the delightful chocolate into existence, but always ignore the wonders of the main ingredient, cacao. Raw cacao contains a hoard of essential vitamins and minerals that pump up the feel good neurotransmitters in the body. They are also rich in flavonoids, antioxidants that help destroy free radicals in your cells and tissues, preventing diseases like arthritis and cancer. Cacao, cooked and processed to make chocolates loses its nutritional value. The added sugar only increases its calorie count.

If you are considering going on a complete raw food diet, consult your doctor for any precautions. Keep yourself well hydrated and ensure you include a good mix of all food groups so as to avoid depriving your body of essential nutrients. Good luck on your quest to a healthier way of life!

Author Bio : Vineetha Reddy

Being a regular practitioner and adviser of everything related to nutrition, fitness, health and wellness, I also have begun to write and contribute to this knowledge ecosystem on sites like, and I strongly believe that the organic food you find in your pantry provide the best benefits for good health. Follow me for my best ideas and solutions :


A New Heart-Healthy Superfood Drink

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by Aislinn Kerchaert
I’ve attended my fair share of potlucks this winter season. At one of these gatherings, I came across a glass dispenser filled with a deep rose colored liquid. I poured myself a glass to quench my curiosity. What I got was a mouthful of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Oh, and a refreshingly tart flavor living somewhere in between hibiscus and cranberry. Now thirsty for the details, I came across the beverage’s brewer, who explained that this enticing concoction was infused water made with a dried fruit I had never heard of before- Garcinia Indica. Turns out this impressive young woman, Kim LaPaglia, is the founding creator of Sant, an emerging wellness brand dedicated to bringing this new superfood into the market.

The Fruit

This organically grown fruit is native to certain regions of India, and has been used as in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to help bring stability to the body. The brand’s namesake, “Santulan” translates to “balance”. Boasting five times as many anti-oxidants as Kale, it’s no wonder this drink helps bring balance to the body. Here’s all that Sant has to offer:


Garcinal: an anti-cancerous antioxidant that aids in digestion

HCA: regulates sleep and mood while also converting food into energy instead of fat

Xanothene: an anti-inflammatory phyto-nutrient that strengthens the heart

Vitamins And Minerals

B1, B3, and B6: iron-building

C: immunity boosting

Potassium, manganese and magnesium: Increases muscle tone, balances


Additional benefits

Cools the body and cleanses skin

Making the Drink

Sant comes in dried fruit form, leaving the brewing up to the buyer. To make the drink- just pop a few pieces of fruit into a glass or water vessel and you’re good to go. One or two pieces give you a light, refreshing taste. The more fruit, the more bitter and hibiscus-like tartness you get. Stir in a little honey or stevia for added sweetness. Each drink has only 5 calories and 3 grams of natural sugar. Sant encourages you to experiment with additional ingredients, hot teas, smoothies and even fun cocktails (such as the delicious SANTgria!) As soon as I get my hands on the fruit I can’t wait to try out a Garcinia Indica based superfood jam or jelly.

How Sant helps the World

The fruit comes from rural communities in India that don’t have great economic opportunities. While the fruit is plentiful, there has been low demand- resulting in low return for the farmers. Support Sant, and you help support a struggling economy, with a fair price for the ones doing the harvest. Kim works directly with the farmers in India to procure the Garcinia Indica, there’s no middle man.

Sant also promotes conscious consumption- making you use your own re-useable water bottle or glass, in order to preserve resources and reduce waste.

Four years ago, Kim quit her corporate life to launch a new social enterprise- and to her dismay, it did not do so well. “I took the leap and quickly fell on my face. And it hurt” she reports. Determined to learn more about social enterprises, and herself, she moved to India. Embedded in a new community- she transformed her relationship to herself, and the world. She left bad habits behind, meditated daily, and transitioned to a plant-based diet. In her dietary research she came across Garcinia Indica. The fruit was being extracted into a supplement that was heralded as a miracle pill. Instead of taking a pill, Kim wanted to experience the fruit in it’s natural state. She started making her infusions daily, sharing them with the people in her life. It got such a good response, that it dawned on her- she could create a new social enterprise dedicated to sharing this delicious fruit with the rest of the world.

Don’t Buy, just Back!

Instead of heading to the website to buy the fruit, hop on over the Sant Kickstarter page and back this project! With several days to go, they’ve already met $7,000 of their $10,000 goal. But they’ve got a stretch goal of $50,000- an amount that would ensure years of Sant sailing to your doorstep. If you back more than $12, you’ll get one pouch of the fruit as a reward. Back $50, and you get four pouches plus a reserved spot in a Sant Meditation, Breathing, or Yoga session!

Summer isn’t over yet and most of us still want to fit as much as we can in before summer’s over. This is a To Do List to make sure we get the most out of the last of the summer!


humming bird Feeder


1)Buy/ Build a Humming Bird Feeder or Bird Feeder:

Unfortunately, Humming Birds are threatened with extinction! ( We can do something about it by getting or building a hummingbird feeder. I went to my local hardware store and got one for $5. Plus, it is super easy to make the solution to feed the hummingbirds; all it is is sugar and water! You can make it yourself using a 1 to 4 ratio. For information on how easy it is to make the humming bird food, and how to select and clean your feeder check out this link:

Flax Seed is an essential part of the Raw Foodist Diet. This tiny seed contains an incredible amount of health benefits inside a small package; and you only need to incorporate about one tablespoon a day into your diet to get all the healthy benefits. But are you getting the most out of your flax seed? If you buy your flax seed whole, and do not break up the seed and crack open the shell you’re body will not be able to extract all the health benefits available and will just pass through your system. Similarly, if you buy your flax seed already ground, it may already be rancid from oxidation. So whats a person to do? Educate yourself on the facts, and find out how easy and fast it can be to incorporate this into your diet.

Flax seed comes with perfect packaging, the shell encases all of the lignans, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, and E; a full array of trace minerals, carotene, lecithin, and phospholipids  inside. As stated earlier the unbroken flax seed, protected by the shell, will pass right through your system without breaking down. Our bodies can only digest flax seeds and benefit from their many nutritional qualities if the shell is broken.

“The seeds need to be in tact [when you purchase them] in order to avoid oxygenation and rancidity. In our experiments, golden flax was most suitable when crushed slightly, not cracked or milled- just squeezed enough to break the cell open without damaging the oil cells” (Fantastic Flax by Seigfried Gursche) the book goes on to say that Dr.Paavo Airola, the nations leading nutritionist at the time “warned consumers not to purchase flax meal or ground flax, as the exposed oil in ground flax oxidizes rapidly and goes rancid within days. Heat, light and air all contribute to this process of oxidation. Rancid oils should be avoided as they are toxic and cancer causing.”

I do want to note however that today some companies offer specially milled flax seeds in vacuum-sealed foil packages. They utilize a unique new milling technique that can guarantee freshness. If you would like to try these products, make sure that the production date is no more than three months before the purchase date and once the package is opened, refrigerate it, and keep the bag tightly closed and consume it within two weeks.

Here’s the good news: It's actually really easy and fast to grind your own flax seed! All you need is a coffee grinder, simply measure out one tablespoon of flax seed and grind it in the coffee grinder for a few seconds. You don't have to grind it into a fine powder, just grind it enough to crack open the shell. Any left over ground flax you make should be put into a container and stored in a fridge and will last up to one week.

You can add your freshly ground flax into anything you like; its great for breakfast cereals or “baked” items, and is also great sprinkled over your salad. There are a lot of great recipes out there for flax and different uses for flax. The best book I can recommend on flax is called Fantastic Flax by Seigfried Gursche that has a wealth of information on the topic, the best recipes I have ever found for flax and includes all of the possible applications there could be for flax. If you are a rawfoodist or plan to live a healthy lifestyle I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing this little book that is a fast easy read.

Flax seed is a powerful defense against cancer, heart disease and digestive disorders.

It is probably most known for helping the skin and digestive problems; it is incredibly effective at  aiding the digestion and helps relieve constipation and other intestinal problems. There are a lot of incredible health benefits from incorporating this into your diet besides improving your digestion, hair and skin; flax seed can help control high blood pressure, help you lose weight by increasing metabolism, and can even repair the damage caused by taking massive doses of antibiotics!

The fast facts: Buy golden flax seed. It has way more health benefits than the brown flax seed. Also, you should buy golden flax seed oil and incorporate that into your diet (but that's another blog for another day ;)). Buy your flax seed whole and grind it yourself just before you use it with a coffee grinder. Use about 1 tablespoon of flax a day and if you have extra, it can be stored into your fridge for a week. Stay educated and stay well my friends!


Book: Fantastic Flax written by Siegfried Gursche

Long gone are the days when animal products were viewed as the only and best way of getting adequate protein levels. We now know that the plant kingdom not only offers the human body sources for complete protein but that these sources are often ideal because they are less taxing on our digestive systems, livers, and kidneys, and are easier for us to assimilate. For most of us the quality and quantity of protein that we consume on a daily basis plays a huge role in how we feel, how we look, and the level of health and fitness we enjoy. If you're looking for the best way to get a little extra protein action in a convenient and delicious way look no further than Epic Protein by Sprout Living. 

All Epic Protein is formulated with a base of highly nutritious, organic, sprouted, and bio-fermented whole grain brown rice. This brown rice is low-temperature processed in such a wayas to maximize protein content and seriously enhance its overall digestibility. Through this unique process starches and carbohydrates are minimized and the texture becomes very silky, lightweight, and refined, making it blend flawlessly into protein shakes and smoothies. 

Within Epic Protein you'll find all 9 essential amino acids, including the "branch chain amino acids" isoleucine, valine, and leucine which are crucial for muscle endurance and overall athletic performance. These amino acids are quick to digest, have 98.2% bio-availability for the human body, have a 98% correlation to mother's milk, and are naturally 100% free of gluten and non-allergenic. Epic Protein is also free of ALL chemical and "natural" additives, flavors, and refined or artificial sugars, and wont negatively effect the endocrine system like many proteins made from a base of dairy or soy. 

While pure brown rice protein is the only ingredient in Epic Protein's original formula, they've taken it many steps further by blending in some of the world's tastiest and most nutritious superfoods to create 3 additional flavors: Vanilla Lucuma, Chocolate Maca, and their newest and super exciting addition: Green Kingdom. Together they form an absolutely delicious and dynamic quartet of raw plant-based, protein-rich goodness! 

So, which flavor is best for you? Choose one or try them all! 

Original  contains sprouted and bio-fermented whole grain brown rice protein powder with nothing else added. The taste is mild and pleasant and will add a hint of brown rice flavor toyour recipes. This formula packs the most protein content of the bunch with 23 grams per serving. 

Vanilla Lucuma  is perfect if you love the flavor of real vanilla bean, caramel, butterscotch, and maple. It is subtly sweet and blends seamlessly with fresh almond or coconut milk,protein shakes or fruit smoothies, and can easily be incorporated into vegan baked goods such as muffins and cookies, breakfast foods such as pancakes or oatmeal, frozen desserts such as banana ice cream and vegan milkshakes, and more. Other than sprouted and bio-fermented brown rice protein you'll find lucuma fruit powder, mesquite pod meal, actual whole vanilla bean power (not extract or vanilla flavor) and baobab fruit. 

Chocolate Maca  builds on the original formula with an antioxidant-rich and chocolatey dose of truly raw cacao powder, a dash of energizing and hormone-balancing Peruvian maca root, mesquite pod meal for its sweet (yet low glycemic) caramel-like flavor, and baobab for its incredible array of nutrients including epic levels of Vitamin C and more iron than red meat.Epic Protein Chocolate Maca tastes absolutely amazing in fresh chocolate nut milks, chocolate milkshakes and smoothies, and chocolate treats of all kinds such as cookies, truffles, actual raw chocolate, and more! Both raw chocolate and maca are natural aphrodisiacs too, shhh don't tell…

Green Kingdom  is the newest addition to the line up and is absolutely packed with nutrition. If you love your green superfoods and love the benefits of brown rice protein you will love this flavor. Within the Green Kingdom formula you will find several powerful, mineral-rich and alkalinizing grass powders, protein and nutrient-rich algae and seaweeds such as spirulina, kelp, and dulse, greens such as spinach and alfalfa leaf, detoxifying liver support ingredients such as dandelion leaf and beetroot powders, a powerful dose of bioflavonoids from gingko leaf, lemon and orange peel, along with another dose of the ever-potent mineral and antioxidant-rich baobab. With an ingredient list like that you're probably wondering how it tastes? Actually, quite mild and yummy! The addition of lucuma fruit powder gives it a subtle sweetness and faint maple-like flavor, and there is also a pleasant earthy sweetness that comes through from the grass powders. The flavor is truly mild enough to blend well with a variety of smoothie recipes, especially ones with a little cacao thrown into the mix (coming from a self admitted choco-phile) 

Maybe you're a nutrition and fitness fanatic looking for  the best products to enhance your lifestyle. Or maybe you're new to raw foods and are looking for ways to boost your protein intake. Perhaps you've been disenchanted by conventional protein powders loaded with less-than-ideal ingredients and are looking for a more pure option. Or maybe you are vegan whose sick of the protein question and want something convenient to throw at the next person who asks (just kidding!) Epic Protein is the cream of the crop in terms of plant-based protein powders and could very well be the answer you've been looking for! 

Experience the profound difference and benefits for yourself…. 

Click HERE  to purchase Epic Protein! 

Lucuma and Greens Protein Shake 
Serves 1

12 oz fresh nut mylk 
1 tbs Dastony almond butter 
1 tbs RawGuru lucuma powder 
1 tbs RawGuru hemp seeds 
1 scoop Epic Protein in vanilla lucuma (or green kingdom!)
1 frozen banana 
1 fresh banana 
4 strawberries, fresh or frozen, always organic 
2 leaves green kale 
1 tsp spirulina 
2 pinches vanilla bean

1. Blend until smooth and fuel up!

Click HERE  to purchase your superfood ingredients.

Yoga is far more than a physical practice. It is in fact one of the most effective ways of turning the consciousness within and experiencing more joy, flow, and ease within our lives. As daily life draws our consciousness outward into a whirlwind of activity, yoga helps us find even-mindedness by drawing the consciousness back inwards. The result is a sense of peace, wellbeing, and a deeper connection with our inner selves. 

Through yoga we discover all sorts of interesting things about our own bodies that might have otherwise gone under the radar. A forward bend might illuminate areas of tightness and discomfort. Balancing in tree pose on the left foot might prove to be far more difficult than on the right side. A seated spinal twist may quickly reveal a misalignment going on within the spine, or that certain muscles are gripping and holding onto tension with a vengeance. Our bodies are constantly responding to our thoughts and emotions and as we practice yoga we begin to understand just how closely body, mind and spirit integrate with one another. 

So, how does this all correlate to diet? The foods we eat (or choose to avoid) play a huge role in how our bodies feel. Yoga amplifies the awareness of how food (and everything else) affects the body. The two absolutely go hand in hand. There are certain things that we can do nutritionally to help our bodies feel amazing and really give our yoga practice a huge boost. Here are 6 of them...

Greens, sprouts, and other chlorophyll-rich lovelies 

When it comes to yoga and diet the importance of all things green and gorgeous cannot be emphasized enough. Per calorie greens are some of the most nutritionally dense foods on earth and help both strengthen our bones and increase muscle flexibility with high levels of key nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and Vitamin K. Greens are healing, detoxifying, alkalinizing, nourishing, strengthening and beautifying, and should be included in the diet every single day, whether you're a practicing yogi or not. 

Best ways to get your greens:

Green Juices

Fruity Green Smoothies

Savory Green Soups 

Fresh Salads

Lightly Steamed with melted coconut oil or a yummy dressing

Superfood Powders: spirulina , chlorella , E3 Live , Sprout Living Freeze Dried sprout mixes, Pure Synergy , Vitamineral Green 


Review by Alex Malinsky 

Whether you are browsing the shelves of your local health food shop or scrolling through the pages of your favorite online retailer you'll likely be confronted with many options for nut butters including various brands, varieties, and even methods of production. Which to choose? Here are 4 reasons why you might consider reaching for certified organic, simply prepared, raw and stone ground nut butters!


Typical nut butter production involves large grinding machines with sharp blades producing a lot of friction and subsequent heat. The inevitable result of this is a vast quantity of nutrient destruction. Nuts and seeds are naturally full of many valuable nutrients for us including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fats. Many B vitamins and important fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamin E are heat sensitive, as are delicate oils which can easily oxidize and go rancid. Heat and friction will also effect the amino acids within nuts and seeds, making it harder for our bodies to recognize, digest, and absorb them to build protein.

Get the most nutrition out of your butters by going with low temperature grinding methods such as stone grinding. With stone grinding large natural granite wheels slowly turn and churn nuts and seeds into a rich, creamy butter over a period of time that can take up to 48 hours. Temperatures remain very low (room temperature), and all of that valuable nutrition remains intact.


By choosing organic you protect your body and the planet from chemicals such as carcinogenic herbicides and pesticides along with genetically modified ingredients. While we have proven through research the negative implications of many of these substances, they are still very new to us in the grand scheme of things, and many of their effects have yet to even be discovered. Go organic and rest easy that your body is being fed the nutrition that it needs without the risks associated with chemicals used to grow conventional food.


Stone ground nut butter made with truly raw, organic nuts and seeds tastes amazing! There is a purity and complexity of flavor that comes through when the least amount of processing is used. You'll notice nuances of flavor within almonds and coconut that you never knew could exist in a butter. Did you know cashew butter, when raw and stone ground, is naturally very sweet? It's true! No added sugar necessary. Try it with fresh celery sticks for a quick and healthy sweet/salty snack combination. To sum it up, the absolute difference in taste alone is enough reason to go with pure, raw, organic stone ground nut butter!


Leave lumpiness and oil separation behind! With low temperature stone grinding the result is unparalleled creaminess and a smooth texture that is decadence defined. This creamy, perfectly broken­ down consistency lends very well to a variety of recipes and is versatile to work with. You can drizzle the butter over soups, salads, vegetable dishes, muffins, scones, crepes, or ice cream, or blend it easily into smoothies, nut milks, salad dressings and sauces. Without the oil separation you can enjoy your nut butter right after you open the jar without the mess of trying to mix everything together.

Nut butters offer us a delicious energy and nutrient rich form of nourishment, and can be used to enhance so many different recipes. They make a quick and filling snack option that fits well into busy lifestyles, and are perfect for children too! If you're looking for a brand that fully encompasses theses 4 benefits you need not look further than Dastony . They have mastered the art of raw, organic and stone ground nut butter crafting, and the result is addictive in nature. We encourage you to experience the difference for yourself!

Try All Dastony Flavors Here!

Combining the term blessing with the term disease may seem like the ultimate oxymoron. But when it comes to making crucial and even drastic changes in ones life for the better sometimes it takes a crisis to seek out those necessary answers. More and more people are realizing the active role they play in creating their own state of health or disease. People are turning away from those that profit from keeping people ill, and are instead turning to nature, to organic foods and to nutrient dense superfoods to build their immune systems, loose excess weight, boost their moods and fertility, extend their life, and nourish their body on a deep level. 

Longevity Power is at the forefront of this exploding world of superfoods and we had the distinct privilege of trying out a selection of their amazing products. We were immediately blown away by the quality and potency, and naturally couldn't wait to offer them through our raw food shop!

Without further ado -we'd like to introduce to you a few products we truly hope will become staples in your wellness routine. Potent and formulated to actively nourish and protect the body from the inside out, think of these supplements as tools that you can utilize for ultimate health and wellbeing.

Longevity in A Bottle :

This product is truly revolutionary. A poster child of Longevity Power, within it are 60 of the worlds most cutting edge medicinal herbs. 25% of the formula is a blend of powerful medicinal mushrooms, while the remaining 75% is made of an array of raw, organic, whole, and extracted tonic roots, berries, and plants with outstanding nutrient levels and proven immune strengthening abilities. There are absolutely NO fillers, additives, synthetics, preservatives, flowing agents, diary, or gluten within the blend. The profound benefit of this supplement is that it acts as an adaptogen for the body. What does this mean exactly? It means that the ingredients help build the body's defenses and ability to handle stress of all kinds. No one will deny that life is often stressful and Longevity in a Bottle was made to help you deal with it like a superhero! Taoist tonic herbs from Asia, Ayurvedic herbs from India, medicinal mushrooms from Siberia, top folk herbs from areas of Europe, superfoods from the Americas, and powerhouse plants from Pacific coastal traditions are all included within the formula. If you're curious about how YOU can benefit from superfoods and herbs but are overwhelmed and don't know where to start this makes a great product for you. We won't list all 60 ingredients but here are some of our favorites that stand out: goji berry extract, pine pollen extract, alma berry extract, maitake, shiitake, chaga, reishi and cordyceps, noni fruit, maca root extract, holy basil, mucuna pod and seed, shisandra, horsetail, ashwagandha, rhodiola, and and panax ginseng (to name just a handful!). 

Goji Joy

The goji berry is a queen of superfoods! If you like munching on these delectably chewy little berries, and have benefited from their enormous levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and immune boosting polysaccarides, why not take it to the next level? Goji Joy is a delicious and fun way to get an epic dose of concentrated goji berry nutrition. This is a 12:1 full spectrum water extract of pure goji berries. The powder is naturally sweet like candy yet the fructose level of Goji Joy is very low: only 5% fructose instead of the 50% found in whole dried goji berries. The powder is very refined, and once in your mouth will completely melt away. We suggest you try it plain first, letting the powder dissolve in your mouth. You may experience an immediate rush of energy. This is powerful stuff!

LEVITY (currently sold out- check back soon)

LEVITY is simply red asparagus extract; a 10:1 full spectrum water extract to be more precise. If you're thinking the vegetable asparagus this is actually completely different! It is an ancient Taoist herb used for generations to open the heart, help maintain positivity and lightness of being, aid in meditation, restore sexual vitality, and beautify the complexion. It has been validated in both modern research and ancient legend to have an anti-stress effect. The medicinal benefits are amazing, so the fact that it tastes like creamy caramel butterscotch is kind of an icing on the cake. Speaking of which…LEVITY makes a wonderful superfood ingredient to add to your raw desserts! It tastes amazing in vanilla cake frostings, caramel sauces and dips, coconut smoothies, raw chocolates, ice creams and more. It goes great with the flavors of lucuma, vanilla, cacao, mesquite, coconut, and maca - all amazing superfoods in their own right.

Mushroom Immunity

Medicine mushrooms have outstanding and proven immune protecting benefits. In todays world trying to escape from things like radiation and environmental toxins completely is next to impossible. We can lessen the amount of exposure but our body's are still going to have to deal with a certain degree of stress and toxicity. The true power of medicinal mushrooms lies in their unique array of polysaccharide essential sugars and various other compounds that work intimately with our immune systems. A strong immune function means more life force, it means we can deal with stress in all of the various manifestations without falling ill or prematurely aging. Mushroom Immunity is a blend of 34, yes 34, potent medicinal mushroom concentrates. You can take some reishi or chaga and benefit from these, but if you're looking transform your health and immunity with the help of medicinal mushrooms than don't mess around; simply get  a bottle of this stuff and be on your way. This blend tastes great in elixirs, teas, and latte- style drinks of all kinds as it has a very exotic coffee-like flavor. An amazing ingredient to add to your morning health elixir! 

We hope this blog gives you a clear picture for just how much we love these products and encourage all of our RawGuru health seekers to give them a try. Be sure to check out our blog on Elixir Crafting , as all 4 of these powders work amazingly well in tonics, elixirs, and creamy warm blended drinks.

Cheers to ultimate health and the amazing superfoods there to help us achieve it!


*this article is meant for education purposes only and is not intended to be healthy advice. It has not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult with a doctor before beginning any new supplement regime. Individuals taking medications and those with known medicals conditions should consult their holistic physician before using any of these nutritional supplements


One thing is for certain, throughout life there are many opportunities to begin anew, try something different, or set a reset button. In fact, every waking moment gives us this opportunity. That being said the New Year offers a beneficial collective push in that direction. The air is thick like raw honey with affirmations and resolutions; why not ride that collective wave of positivity and resolve! Reflecting on the past year we can determine what might not have been working well for us and what me might like to try differently. If you could use a little inspiration in the resolution department we've compiled a little list of some awesome suggestions that will enable you to experience 2014 as a happier and healthier version of your beautiful self! Pick 1 or 2 or resolve to incorporate them all into the this new year that is upon us. 

*Drink More Water!

We ARE water (basically), so it makes sense that proper hydration should be number 1 on the list. All of our organs simply cannot perform at peak performance if the body is dehydrated. DRINK UP and choose the best water possible. If you're still drinking tap water this is the year to invest in a filter, start harvesting spring water, or purchasing bulk filtered water from the supermarket. We've all heard the saying "you are what you eat", however we're also what we DRINK so make it clean!

*Eat More Superfoods! 

Start ingesting superfoods on a daily basis. What is a superfood exactly? In essence these are foods with more nutrition per caloric unit. Superfoods range from the common place (think kale, sprouts or fresh raspberries) to the more exotic (think Indonesian cacao, Peruvian maca root, or freshwater blue-green algae). By including superfoods in our diet we automatically enjoy vastly more nutrition with little effort. The result is that our cells get more of what they really crave and we start to enjoy a more robust level of health. There are some truly amazing superfood products out there these days that offer the body a serious dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and general food-based nutritional support. You'll feel the difference once you start incorporating products like Longevity in a Bottle, Goji Joy, Mushroom Immunity, Pure Synergy, Vitamineral Green, spirulina, chlorella, raw cacao powder, maca, lucuma and mesquite into your smoothies, nut mylks, and elixirs! If powdered superfoods aren't your thing than look into adding a handful of goji berries, incan berries, raw cacao, hemp seeds, and chia into your recipes, meals and snacks. And of course stock up on all of the fresh, colorful, and seasonal goodness available at your local organic market.

*Eat More Variety!

Speaking of your local organic market, make a point to try new fruits and vegetables when you go shopping. If you tend to stick with the same foods day after day your body may not be getting the more subtle trace elements and phytonutrients that it needs. By embracing a more adventurous mindset around food we get to enjoy more flavors, textures, colors AND nutrition! So if you've been eyeing that interesting tuber or strange looking citrus fruit don't hold back! You may discover a new favorite….

*Juice It Up!

Yep, there is no time like the new year to invest in a juicer, bust it out of its dark hiding place if you already have one, or start frequenting an awesome local juice bar. Getting into a habit of juicing is one of the best ways to ensure you experience better levels of health. If it seems overwhelming, try to aim for a green juice day at least twice a week. Pick days that you have a bit more time for cleanup, and get juicy with some celery, cucumber, apple, lemon, ginger, pineapple, carrots, beets, or whatever fruits and veggies you like most. Try to aim for a base of non-sweet water-rich items like celery and cucumber, make sure to add in at least a handful of dark greens, and then sweeten it up with your choice of fruit. Lemon and ginger are wonderfully accompaniments for flavor that also offer a great immune boost. Juicing will help mineralize the blood, alkalinize the body, hydrate the tissues, detoxify the organs and give you vastly more energy throughout the day. 

*Make Friends with Chlorophyll!

Make 2014 your greenest year yet! And we don't mean by recycling more (although that's always encouraged too!) When it comes to oxygenating, detoxifying, remineralizing, and buffering acidity within the body nothing does it quite like chlorophyll. From a science standpoint the molecule of chlorophyll holds great likeness to our own hemoglobin. If you're eating green food you're building healthy blood. It's easy to pick a chlorophyll-rich friend out from the crowd too; the darker green the hue the better! Think dark green vegetables, spirulina, chlorella, matcha green tea, and superfood green powders. Make sure to get at least one big green salad in a day, and swap out lighter greens like lettuce for more mineral and chlorophyll-dense options like raw kale or collards. The taste of some of these green foods is quite strong, but give it a little time, your body and taste buds will adapt and you may even start to crave them. Also look to recipes that incorporate greens into tasty mediums such as smoothies or even desserts. No one could refuse a creamy cacao and frozen banana milkshake even if it is colored green with spirulina. 

*Eliminate Refined Sweeteners - Use These Instead! 

It seems like wherever you turn sugar is there getting a bad rap. While it's true that too much sugar in the diet can lead to things such as candida overgrowth, inflammation, diabetes and blood sugar-related diseases, the truth of the matter is that our bodies NEED sugar to function. The type and quantity of sugar we ingest makes all the difference in the world. Give up refined sugars and artificial sweeteners and replace all that nonsense with these amazing alternatives instead! Coconut palm sugar, raw organic honey, yacon syrup, mesquite pod meal, carob powder, lucuma, maple syrup, dates and other soaked dried fruits, or for very low glycemic options try xylitol (made from birch) or stevia leaf. So rest easy tonight knowing that you don't have to give up your sweet tooth entirely in 2014....

*Get Some Ninja Kitchen Tools

Having the proper kitchen tools will enable you to easily incorporate healthier foods into your diet. A high speed blender will make recipe creation a breeze and you'll be able to easily whip up smoothies, soups, milks, puddings, pie fillings, creams, yogurts, sauces, dressings, and the list goes on and on. Blenders can also double as juicers if you blend your produce with a bit of water and then strain things through a mesh strainer or nut milk bag. Invest in a good chef knife that is easy to use. Get yourself a spiralizer so that you can make pasta noodles out of vegetables like squashes and root veggies. Dehydrators, juicers, and food processors are also great things to have but the number one appliance in a raw food kitchen is a blender, hands down. You won't regret making this investment in your health!

*Stretch It Out 

The human body is simply not made to be as sedentary as many of us stay throughout the day. If you're sitting down at a desk for 8 hours or more a day then you're likely experiencing some stiffness, aches, pains, or muscle tension because of this. Make stretching a priority! A great way to start is to begin and end each day with some light stretching, and take at least several short breaks throughout the day to do some forward bends, elbow and wrist stretches, triangle poses, hip openers, or whatever stretching feels most intuitive and best to you. The key is to tune into your body and listen to the signals its giving you. You'll be amazed by how much a simple stretching routine can enhance your sense of wellbeing both mentally and physically.  

*Jump On The Movement Train!

Yes, we had to go there. Getting more exercise is probably the most cliche resolution around but for good reason! It is one of the most surefire ways of becoming healthier and feeling amazing! Instead of paying for an expensive gym membership that you may use for a few months and then forget about why not take some gentle steps toward making movement (in some shape or form) integrated more with your lifestyle. Do you like to dance? Turn up the music and get your groove on more often. Feeling a bit tense working at your desk? Stand up and do a few burpies (google it!), run in place, or get up and do some stretching. By tuning in fully with our bodies throughout the day we can pick up more easily on those "it's time to bust a move" signals. Our bodies were meant to MOVE and this is such a key component of true health. 

*Turn Off The Gadgets! (just do it!)

Unplug from email, social media, internet, tv, etc. earlier in the evening and spend some time writing, journaling, reading, or meditating before bed. You'll go to sleep with a clearer mind, will sleep more deeply and restfully, and will wake up feeling more rejuvenated. Sleep is so critical to overall health, and while quality of sleep isn't always under our control we do have control over many aspects. If you've fallen into a trap of staying up too late because you're plugged into your electronic devices really think about how this is affecting the quality and quantity of your sleep and consider unplugging earlier in the evening. You my find yourself experiencing a refreshed state of being! 

Whatever you resolve to do in 2014 may it be for your highest good and may you experience the determination and inspiration to stick with it! It's going to be a wonderful year of expansion and growth, this is for certain.

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