Raw Food F.A.Q.
Below are just some of the meridia sale most common questions that people ask about the raw food lifestyle.

What is the raw food diet?
It is a lifestyle that supports eating only living and raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and seaweeds. Nothing is heated or cooked above 116 degrees F
Where do you get protein on the raw food diet?
From green leafy veggies, srpouts, fruits, green juices, nuts, seeds and seaweeds.
What about calcium?
You can get calcium from salads, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, and veggie juices.
What is your daily diet like?
I enjoy ripe fruits with some nut cheeze in the morning. Then have a blended soup or juice in the evening.
Will I get bored eating only raw fruit and veggies?
No way! There are thousands of fruits and veggies to try. It's exciting!
Won't it be expensive?
At first it might, but it's your health and your body. You deserve it!
If I am an athlete will I perform to the top of my abilities while raw?
You will do even better! You will have so much energy you wouldn't know what to do with it!
What are some health benefits I will achieve when I go raw?
You will have crstal clear eyes! No more headaches, strong nails, smooth skin, clearer thinking, better sleep and much more!
Are olives raw?
Not all olives, there are a few raw stores that sell truly raw sun cured olives. Anything in a can is most likely cooked.
Are pickles raw?
If you make them the raw way. Yes!
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