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Tropical Bliss Cake
recipe by Joseph Custer

2 cups walnuts
2 cups almonds
8 dates
3 T masquite meal
Process Almond to fine flour. Add the rest of the ingredients and process well.

Lemon Cream:
1 ½ cups of macadamia nuts
(soaked over 8 hours)
½ cup honey
1 lemon juiced
Process in blender, add water as needed.

Meat of two young coconuts
¼ cup coconut water
1 cup pine nuts
¼ cup honey
Process in blender.

Put a thin layer of flour mixture on the bottom a casserole dish and press lightly.
Pour lemon cream on the first flour layer and add sliced bananas. Top with a second layer of flour.

Add a layer of sliced mangos and papayas. Add next layer of flour.
Top with icing and add chopped mangos and papayas. Top off with shredded coconut. Place in refrigerator for a couple of hours to set up.



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