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A Raw Foods Diet will allow you to eat as much raw food as you want, and still lose weight. Imagine, enjoying an endless variety of raw cookies, candy, ice cream, pizza and at the same time, you are reshaping your body to a healthy, lean weight.

Man is the only animal in the world that cooks its food. Unlike humans, wild animals eat only when they are hungry and eat their food in its natural, raw state. As raw, living food is heated, it begins to lose the enzymes, nutrients, and minerals that the body uses as nourishment. For example, lipase, a fat splitting enzyme that is found abundantly in raw, live foods is lost when you cook your food. Lipase helps your body in digestion, fat distribution and fat burning for energy. When your body is not adequately nourished, it sends a signal of hunger and you eat more. A balanced diet of raw food provides all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and protein that will nurture your body. As your body becomes adequately nourished, you will discover that you are craving less food.

According to many who have adopted a raw foods lifestyle, http://www.thegardendiet.com, the body craves raw fats and oils (i.e., omega fatty acids). When you add heat to a fat or oil, it creates toxins that the body cannot break down. Adding raw fats and oils to your diet will help with weight loss because it helps to increase the metabolic rate thus burning more calories.

In the 1940’s, farmers attempted to use raw coconut oil to fatten their animals, yet they found it made the animals lean and active. They wanted to fatten their animals for slaughter and thus, within 10 years, chose to give their animals cooked food.

What Will I Eat on a Raw Foods Diet?

A vegan raw foods diet consists of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh-squeezed juices, raw nuts and seeds that are soaked in water and the endless recipes that utilize these foods.

Simple and gourmet raw recipes for desserts, appetizers, soups, entrees, and more can be found at www.rawsacramento.net/recipes.htm, and in many raw food books.

What are the Benefits of a Raw Food Diet?

Followers of a raw food diet report effortless weight loss, increased energy levels, improved appearance of skin, improved digestion and improved overall health.

“I started going raw about a month and a half ago (85-95% raw) and I have lost over 25 pounds! My problems with insomnia have vanished, I am no longer depressed, I have much more energy, my skin looks great, and I am just feeling fantastic!” Mary Caldwell, Folsom, CA

Are Their Support Groups?

•Raw Sacramento holds monthly potlucks where you can taste many different simple and gourmet raw desserts and entrees and socialize with others who are interested in losing weight and regaining their health. More information can be found at http://www.rawsacramento.net/

•The Hallelujah Dietsm is a Christian-based diet that encourages eating 85% raw and 15% cooked food. Brenda Kent, lay health minister, holds a weekly educational, support class on Monday nights, 6:30-8:30pm, at the Berean Christian Bookstore in Sacramento. For only $10 a class, you will learn how to easily lose weight, regain your natural health, and sample delicious raw gourmet food. This course is being taught all over the country and has been a life-changing course for many people. Check out http://www.hacres.com for more information.

So, go ahead! Enjoy all the raw desserts you crave and watch your pounds drop while you are improving your overall health.

For information on how to obtain a 100% raw, organic, botanical cleanser to complement your raw food lifestyle, call Veronika Clay at 916-366-3898, via e-mail to: rawfood@comcast.net or EBay ID: magic_suds.

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