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Sunday, 26 April 2009
Steve Adler

Question #1: What are some raw food staples in your current diet? 

Most Fruits & Vegetables, Bee Products, Most Nuts, Seeds, Sprouts, Most Sea Veggies, Fruit and Vegetable Juices including a ton of Orange juice and a fair amount of wheatgrass juice, various herbs (especially ginger and garlic) and “superfoods”, and Sacred Chocolate of Course—I also go to Café Gratitude a lot! Sometimes I supplement with some fermented foods like raw sauerkraut, Kombucha or raw animal products such as raw duck eggs, raw milk or cheese, or raw fish. 

Are you 100% raw? No, I always give myself a little leeway so that I don’t get too mental about the diet, or too constricting. I want to be able to have an occasional cooked food indulgence if my Sacred Heart is calling for it. I was close to 100% raw for 5 to 6 years in the 1990’s, but eventually, because of several factors, I decided to become a little bit more relaxed around my strictness with it. 

How did you start? I read Anthony Robbins “Unlimited Power” in 1993. He got me into it initially—very inspiring!

Question #2: How did you come up with Sacred Chocolate? 

I was inspired by my good friend David Wolfe. I wanted to see if it was possible, and it was! I did a lot of finasteride online experimentation and studied on my own how to make chocolate. I wanted to start actually making raw food, and chocolate seemed the most fun to me!

Question #3: What is your favorite Sacred Chocolate product?

Mintifluous, Gingeroo, Amazonian, White Passion, India Sunset, Purple Sage (in order of preference)

Question #4: How is your chocolate different than the rest? 

We are a stone ground bean to bar maker. We include the skin/husk of the bean in most all our chocolate for extra nutrition. We are certified Organic, Vegan, Kosher, and Halal and all cacao is purchased at or above fair trade standards.

Question #5: Can you share a favorite raw food recipe with us? 

Cinnamon Coconut Pudding: Handful of raw fresh coconut plus about 1 cup coconut water, 1 cup fresh papaya, juice of one lemon or lime, dash of your salt of choice, about 1 tablespoon cinnamon powder, about 4-6 tablespoons raw agave and/or Honey to taste, 1 tablespoon bee pollen. Put all in blender and whip it up!

Question #6: What are some quick tips or hints for raw newbies?

Learn how to make great smoothies and great Salad Dressings. Don’t get too mental or rigid with the whole thing. Have fun! Never eat with guilt, not matter what the food is, just bless it and understand that you and everyone else is constantly EVOLVING!

Question #7: Do you have any dental problems on the raw diet? 

Did years ago, but things are stable now, thank God! Always pay for the highest quality dentist you can find is my advice.

Question #8: Do you take any raw supplements or super foods? 

Yes! Phytoplankton, Zeolites, Various Green Powders and algaes, Bee Products, Incan berries, goji berries, maca, various medicinal mushrooms, colloidal minerals, including gold and silver, Aloe leaf, various random supplements at my local health food store. I am always trying something new and constantly mixing things up.

Question #9: Where do you see the raw food movement heading?

It will become more and more of a mainstream lifestyle.

Question #10: Can you please tell us about some of your current projects you're working on and/or developing?

I am working on a Chocolate Bar with Colloidal Gold in it. Also, I am working on a coffee flavored bar and a bar with Sunwarrior protein in it.

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