Organic Raw Mongolian Goji Berries - 16 oz

Organic Raw Mongolian Goji Berries - 16 oz
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These soft and chewy, bright red certified organic goji berries (or Wolfeberries) are truly one of the most potent longevity foods. Goji berries have been used for millennia in Chinese medicine for their powerful health promoting aspects. They are one of the most potent chi (qi) builders known and their rich polysaccharide sugars are extremely beneficial to our immune system. They are exceptionally rich in both Vitamin C and Beta Carotene, and a host of other antioxidants, co factors, trace minerals, and nutrients such as Vitamins B1, B2, B6, selenium, germanium, Vitamin E, and linoleic acid. They are also a complete source of protein with 18 different amino acids. Consuming goji berries regularly may help to balance hormones and both nourish and stimulate the pituitary gland which is where our body produces it's rejuvenating human growth hormone. Due to goji berries chi stimulating and hormone balancing effect, they have been used for centuries to enhance sexual function and stamina. Goji berries have a very energizing and uplifting effect in general, and when consumed many people report heightened levels of happiness, joy and wellbeing and even spiritual upliftment. Goji berries are a wonderful food to consume for mood regulation, balanced sleeping patters, and healthy appetite. For many hundreds of years the wonders of goji berries were all but unknown in the Western world, but that has definitely changed with the passing of time and now people all around the world are benefiting from these delicious and powerful little berries. 

Goji berries have a very mild sweetness and taste almost medicinal at times (which they are!) They work very well combined with other sweet flavors but can also be used in salads, and are delightful in their dried state or soaked. Add them to your train mixes, chocolate recipes, breakfast cereals, smoothies, and nut milks! We love them soaked and blended into fresh almond milk, which gives the recipe a wonderful flavor and also a fun pink hue. 
Goji berries are medicinal so in order to give your body the chance to adjust it is best to start out with small handful or 2 per day and build from there. Goji berries are a whole food and can be enjoyed liberally once your body adjusts.  
Electrolyte Goji Berry Lemon Aid (anna's quick recipe creation):
1/4 Cup goji berries
2 Cups spring water
2 cup fresh coconut water
juice of 3 lemons
Raw manuka honey to taste
1) Soak goji berries in spring water overnight
2) Blend with soak water and coconut water. Strain. Save your goji berry pulp for a recipe or just eat it!
3) Combine with lemon juice and honey, blend gently to mix
4) Enjoy and feel Electrified! 
Prop 65 Information: This ingredient is part of the state of California's Proposition 65 Warning. Please click HERE for more information.


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