Organic Raw Goldenberries - 16 oz

Organic Raw Goldenberries - 16 oz
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It's well known that berries have incredibly high levels of antioxidants and nutrition for our bodies. South America happens to be home of many of the number one nutrient dense berries in all the world, including the amazing Goldenberry. You may have actually heard of Goldenberries by another name. They can also be referred to as Cape Gooseberries, Agauaymanto Berries, and Incan Berries. In their native South America, Goldenberries can be referred to as Mullaca, Uvilla, and Uchuva. This particular bush grows in many tropical regions of the world outside of the Amazon region including Africa, Asia, and even in the Americas. The berries are a beautiful burgundy orange color and have a flavor that is not quite sour and not quite sweet, and almost a bit lemony. You can definitely taste the nutrients in these! They have a very nice chewy consistency and are kind of like natures sour chew candy. 

Goldenberries are particular high in whats referred to as Vitamin P. This is another term for bioflavinoids. Bioflavinoids are special plant chemicals that aid our immune systems and act as antioxidants to protect our cells. They also have anti-cancer, anti-viral, antioxidant, antihistamine, and anti-inflammatory effects. Like Goji Berries, the Goldenberry is also incredibly high in protein for a fruit at 16% protein, and is also high in a number of different nutrients including Vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B6, and B12, as well as phosphorous and even pectin for healthy digestion. 
These particular Goldenberries are not yet certified organic but will be soon. They are in what's called the "transitional" phase of their organic certification but are grown completely free of all pesticides and herbicides. Another wonderful aspect of the Goldenberry is that the actual plant is incredibly hardy and easily sustains itself in it's native habitat. It is adaptable and robust and is one of the first plants to thrive in degraded areas making if a very valuable plant to rehabilitate tropical areas that have been overtaxed by humans. Sometimes the richest super foods are the ones growing in your own back yard, and it is interesting to note that many communities where these berries grow regard them as a back yard fruit. 
These berries make a great low glycemic snack when you just want something healthy and low sugar to chew on. Try them soaked and blended into fruit smoothies, or just eaten right out of the bag by the handful. Remember, these are a highly dense superfood berry so a little will go a long way. Start slow and ease your way into a few handfuls per day for a great antioxidant boost. 
Net Wt: 16 oz
Country of Origin: Peru


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