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MSM Lotion I have always been a huge MSM fan, having taken it off and on internally for nearly 7 years. I also love skin care, so i was thrilled to try this MSM lotion. Now that it’s winter i couldn’t ask for a better time to have it on hand to help keep my skin moisturized in the harsh cold. The first thing i love about this lotion is the light weight texture and how it leaves the skin feeling quenched and dewy but not greasy.

I cant stand the feeling of heaviness and greasiness that many moisturizers leave, which is why i’ve stayed away from them in the past. I also love the fact that its non-scented, which is perfect for sensitive folks, or those wanting the therapeutic effects of an MSM creme without having to wear a particular scent along with it.  I notice that when i use this lotion regularly, i have better circulation in my skin, a rosiness, almost as if the blood was circulating better up to the surface of my skin for a healthy glow.

I love the fact that there is absolutely nothing artificial or from chemical origin in this product. The creamy consistency is from coconut fatty acids and sweet almond oil. There is aloe vera and calendula flower extract which perfectly compliments the MSM’s ability to heal and soothe the skin. It is enriched with vitamins A, D3, and E. Lastly the only preservatives you’ll find in this lotion are grapefruit seed extract and tea tree oil, both of which have healthy skin benefits of their own. This lotion perfectly compliments any internal MSM supplementation, especially if you are working on clearing skin of blemishes, healing any scarring, or working on any inflammatory skin conditions because you will be flooding the skin with MSM on an internal and external level.

MSM originates in the ocean, and through rainfall it ends up in our fruits and vegetables that grow from the ground. Unfortunately most of us are deficient in this mineral because MSM is damaged through heat, processing, storage and in the preparation of our foods. It is highly bio-available sulphur, which is a mineral that strengthens and adds density, thickness and resiliency to our hair, nails and  skin. Approximately 1/2 of the bodies total MSM levels reside in our muscles, skin and bones. MSM is amazing for the healing of damaged skin and in the smoothing/prevention of wrinkles. This makes sense because when there is a MSM/sulphur deficiency in the body, new cells replacing old/dying cells will be hardened and inflexible, whereas if there is an abundance of MSM/sulphur the new cells will be resilient and flexible, the ultimate in anti-wrinkling and anti-scarring! MSM also helps clear the blood of free radicals and foreign proteins making it amazing for those suffering from allergies both internally and externally. Similar to Essential Fatty Acids, MSM makes the cell wall more permeable, enabling wastes to make a hasty exit and nutrients to flow into the cell easily.

The list of benefits goes on an on with MSM, basically everyone can benefit from taking MSM and using it externally on the skin!  Our cells are constantly replacing themselves, the process never stops until the day we die, so having the proper building blocks there including MSM is vital if you want to look and feel amazing. I think it’s true that everyone on a health-oriented path strives to look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside. We all want our outer features, skin included, to look vibrant and glow with health and radiance! MSM is one of those things that is so vital in the repairative powers of our connective tissues and organs, the largest being our skin. So get glowing with this amazing MSM lotion !

Review by Anna Hays