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Have you ever had the inkling to prepare something incredible in the kitchen and been in need of the perfect recipe but not known where to look? These days the internet makes it fairly easy to find recipes through a quick google search, however there is often a lot of sifting involved or numerous searches. This is especially the case if you are needing a specific raw food recipe that is both healthy, delicious, and visually pleasing. There is a lot out there but it can be very time consuming and difficult to find. Until now. 


Rawfoodrecipes.com is a new resource on the web for anyone looking for the best most tried and true raw food recipes, all in one easy to navigate website. Click on “Recipes” near the top, left hand corner of the main page and you will be guided to a whole list of options to choose from. You can choose to look at recipes based on the meal, what course of the meal it falls into, a central ingredient, the style of cuisine, and even how difficult or elaborate the recipe is to prepare. Another great resource for those watching their sugar intake is the Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine options, where you can choose recipes that fall into Gabriel Cousens’ different phases of diet to help balance blood sugar and bring the body back into a state of health. The large search box to the upper right hand corner of the site allows you to easily search for specific foods that you may want to prepare, and also individual ingredients that you may have on hand but not know what to do with. For those who have been preparing raw food cuisine for a while and already have one of two favorite raw chefs, you can easily do a search for them in the search box and quickly find their recipes. Or you can browse through the chef listing and get to know some of the top raw chef’s out there that you may have never heard of, learn about what makes them passionate about raw vegan and vegetarian food, and what makes their recipe creations unique. Also if you are a visual learner, check out some of the great youtube videos that are added on a continual basis from people all around the world preparing raw, vegan and vegetarian recipes.


This is not a stagnant website, it is very interactive and is constantly being updated with new recipes and information for those who find passion and inspiration in their own raw food kitchen. Check back often as new material will be featured on a continual basis. Many top raw chef’s are involved with this website, have shared recipes, and will continue to do so. It is a great way for them to showcase their best work where it is sure to be used and enjoyed by many! All recipes have a full list of ingredients with proper amounts for each item, as well as clear instructions that are numbered to minimize any confusion. If there are any additional tips from the chef those are also included at the end of each recipe. These are the most mouthwatering raw food recipes around, in a medium that is easy to access and completely free!



Some people just have a gift with food. They are like artists in the kitchen and have a god given knack for knowing exactly what to combine together to make flavors pop and meld together in the most delicious way. Not only this but they know how to create an artistic presentation with food that is mesmerizing and beautiful to the eye. Heather Pace of Sweetly Raw is one of these talented people. Lucky for us her forte just happens to be raw desserts! She is the embodiment of a raw dessert Queen, and makes it all seem so effortless. How exciting it is that she has created this amazing e book that is now available at rawguru.com !

Just Desserts is 88 full e pages of recipes and information for people looking for both simple quick treats and more elaborate desserts. You will even find recipes for cakes and pies that are fit for both everyday or a very special occasion. These desserts all have a beautiful presentation! You’ll find so many different options for things to make, and surely be inspired by the mouth-watering photos that go along with some of the recipes. Here are just a few options for desserts you will find within this e book: Marble Cheesecake, Caramel Macadamia Pie, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Raspberry Lemon Pie, Peppermint Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream, Basic Dark Chocolate, Coconut Whipped Cream, Maple Ginger Ice Cream, and Fruit N Chocolate Parfait. You’ll also find dehydrated goodies like Chocolate Chip Cookies and Super Granola Bars. These are clearly not your average raw food desserts.

The Just Desserts e book is a great place to start if you are really looking to get into raw dessert creation. If you have family or friends that are a bit weary about this lifestyle, desserts are the perfect way to win them over. Sharing amazing, yummy raw desserts will help them understand that this way of life can be both fun and decadent! Heather gives a great outline for the basics of raw dessert preparation, from the tools you will need (along with substitutes if you do not own some of them) to the ingredients that are most commonly used, and those that will need to be well stocked in any raw dessert master’s kitchen. You will also find within these E pages recommendations from Heather for other resources raw food related.

You will be amazed at how simple it actually is to prepare these things. In the end they will look like a masterpiece and people will not believe that only incredibly healthy ingredients were used and simply prepared. While most dessert chefs use ingredients like white flour, butter, eggs and sugar, in these recipes you will find nothing but raw nuts and seeds, ripe fresh fruits, organic sweeteners like agave and honey, and superfoods like cacao and maca. Not only do you get detailed and easy to follow instructions on how to combine your ingredients, you also get tips for how to present these dishes in a way that will surely impress all those around you (and even yourself!). Be sure to check out Heather's other more specified e books as well such as The Ultimate Raw Ice Cream Cake and Moonie Pie E Book.

Heather is a truly inspired lady with an absolute gift. We are so very lucky that she has taken the time to put together this e book recipe collection, sharing with us her own vision and creations. As she so clearly states in the introduction to her e book, when it's raw dessert time you CAN have your cake and eat it to!

Proponents say not cooking can do a body good


DEMI MOORE, WHOSE TAUT body and flawless skin belie her 47 years, proudly goes raw. So do Alicia Silverstone and Beyonce, Angela Bassett and Donna Karan. Famed Chicago chef Charlie Trotter has devoted a whole book to the subject.

The raw food movement has become a hot — uh, make that cool — form of vegetarianism that champions uncooked vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, grains, beans and seaweed as the staples of a healthy diet.

In recent years, restaurants devoted to raw food have opened around the country. Vibe Cuisine (formerly Veggie Magic) in Sarasota is the closest one to Southwest Florida, but raw fare is cropping up around the area, appearing on restaurant menus, starring in (un)cooking classes and sparking the formation of groups in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples through which members share meals, recipes and information about the raw life.

Mr. Trotter, better known for his cooked cuisine, added some mainstream mojo to the movement with his how-to tome, "Raw" (Ten Speed Press).

Here's the basic premise of the raw, or living foods, diet: Enzymes found in food provide vital energy to the body. When food is heated to more than 106 degrees, those enzymes die, robbing food of nutrients and causing it to become toxic, forcing the body's immune system to fight against it. Eating raw, unprocessed food bolsters the immune system, allowing it to heal and protect the body.

To omnivores accustomed to the standard American diet, called SAD by those who eat raw, the concept can be perplexing since they eat little but salads and fruit uncooked. But inventive raw chefs produce a cornucopia of tasty dishes without benefit of meat or dairy, stove, oven, microwave or fryer.

At recent local raw food gatherings, participants dined on lime-agave margaritas, apple-jicama salad, kelp salad, spicy mango ginger soup, burritos, apple pie and chocolate-chili brownies, among other uncooked dishes.

More than salad, but not more work

"Raw food isn't just about plain salad," says Charles Marble, who runs Mangroves Health Institute in Naples. "It can be as gourmet as you can possibly imagine."