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 I remember years ago when I was first introduced to the world of raw food. Doing research before purchasing certain foods became commonplace to me, and it definitely wasn’t long before I was informed that pretty much all “raw” cashews on the market are far from an actual raw living food. In fact cashews labelled raw in most stores are heat treated, either boiled in oil or subject to scalding temperatures to enable their hard to open shell to come off easily. If the cashew you are eating is crispy and crunchy, it is most likely cooked. This makes processing of the cashew much quicker and more cost effective for the producers. However, because of this process the cashew changes considerably in both flavor, consistency, and color. Most importantly this heat process changes the nutrient profile of the cashew. Many of the cashew nut’s volatile nutrients, antioxidants, delicate oils and proteins are destroyed or damaged due to the cooking process to remove the outer shell. But not ours!

We at RawGuru have available for you what we truly consider to be the worlds finest most-definitely-completely-raw cashews available today. They are a bit larger than most cashews out there. They are a creamy beautiful ivory white color, they are almost moist because they are so fresh. These soft cashew nuts have a very mild, sweet flavor, and blend amazingly well for any of your raw cheesecakes, yogurts, creamy style dressings and sauces, nut milks and creamy shakes, herbal elixirs, etc. that you may want to create. Cashew nuts have a lower at content than most other nuts, making them easier for many to digest. They are highly mineralizing and are a beautifying food being rich in zinc, magnesium, selenium and copper.

Our Truly Raw Indonesian Cashews are grown on certified organic trees in Eastern Flores, Indonesia by Big Tree Bali. They are hand harvested, and the actual seed is extracted with the use of a special knife to cut the outer portion away. These farmers and harvesters are dedicated to keeping these cashews the finest raw cashews available.