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The reishi mushroom, while humble and unsuspecting on the surface, is in fact a super hero in the world of medicinal plants. These fungi host an incredible healing power, and more and more people are discovering their benefits. The use of reishi in holistic medicine dates back thousands of years and is still one of the top herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. Often called the ďMaster Longevity HerbĒ, it is a known adaptogen. If an herb is adaptogenic this means that it works holistically in the body helping to strengthen areas experiencing weakness, and bringing balance to all systems. Say for instance a certain hormone is being overproduced by the endocrine
system, reishi can help bring that back into balance. The same holds true if the body isnít producing enough of a certain hormone or substance. Because adaptogens donít pin point one area only, they can be taken safely over a long period of time without causing disruption. Reishi has been used to increase strength and longevity and boost immune power substantially.

Can one little mushroom help protect the body against dangerous cell mutations such as cancer and tumors? Both ancient and modern science confirms that yes, reishi is incredibly potent for both cancer prevention and treatment. Also worth noting is reishiís ability to protect/rebuild the body during chemo therapy or radiation if this the path chosen. Reishi contains high levels of anti-cancer agents, and also helps protect the liver from toxic exposure. High in free radical fighting polysaccharides, most notably Beta-D-Glucans, reishi can actually help stimulate the body to fight against cancerous activity on itís own by producing more cancer squelching T cells. Reishi is often used to increase white blood cell activity, build healthy blood, and lower blood pressure. On top of all of these benefits it is a known anti-inflammatory, and is also anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

While many forms of reishi exist on the market such as powders, extracts, tinctures, etc., one of the easiest ways of taking reishi is to make your own tea tonic. RawGuru has sourced and begun carrying an amazing wild harvested low temp dried reishi mushroom for your health and well being. You can either grind the mushrooms down in a coffee grinder or simply cut them into long, thin strips. If ground down, add a tablespoon or so of reishi to roughly 2 quarts of water. If cut into strips add 3-4 thin strips to your water. Bring water to a boil for a few minutes, and then reduce heat to a simmer and let simmer for a few hours. You can double or triple this recipe depending on the need. Since this tea takes hours to make it is wise to make a large batch at a time. The longer you let simmer, the stronger and more bitter the tea will taste. Use raw, organic honey or a healthy sweetener of your choice. Due to itís bitter flavor, you can use reishi tea as a base for an herbal latte concoction, taking the place of coffee. Adding something creamy like coconut milk or a thick brazil nut milk will help make it more palatable. You don't have to make your tea 100% reishi. Maitake, shiitake, and chaga are medicinal mushrooms that can be added to the mix. Also, steeping your reishi tea with goji berries will create an amazing brew that combines 2 of the most important herbs in Chinese medicine. Once the tea is done simmering and has cooled down a bit you can add in your milk of choice, sweetener, a little bit of spice, and maybe some ground cacao. Place the ingredients in your blender and blend into a frothy delight.